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It was a rainy Sunday and just before waking up a white cotton cloud got into my head. So, there I was, very early in the morning with a cloudy state of mind heading with my wife and daughter from our little and quiet village towards Palau de la Virreina to see Impressions, just in the middle of the most overcrowded street of Barcelona: Las Ramblas. Hemingway said that it was the most beautiful street in the world, and of course it is, but not for its buildings, but for the life and energy that radiates. It's a place to look, laugh and talk to the others. The proximity of the red light district made Las Ramblas a favourite place in the Sixties and Seventies for drop outs and hippies. Well here we are (wife, daughter and I) in front of Palau de la Virreina, Yoko seems to say welcome from a great photograph of her face placed on the central balcony over the entrance. The doors have just been opened and a little group of people has gone directly to the patio at the end of the dark hall in front of the entrance where the For Barcelona (an olive tree) had been placed. They started writing wishes, so wife and daughter did it too. They wrote several wishes, and that amazed me because I thought that the logical thing was to write one wish, but no rules are written over wishes, so as they have thousands of wishes, they took the chance of putting them on paper. This time I didn't feel like writing wishes on paper and I preferred to see the others doing it, so I stood still looking at them feeling the cloud in my head. I looked at the tree and I loved the big round flowerpot stand made of dark metal with two stairs, with wife and daughter climbing to hang their wishes and then I told myself the only wish that I have: "I wish their wishes come true". The last look at the tree revealed me that somebody have written several times the word "Mierda" (shit). A funny wish I thought.

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There are endless traditions surrounding eggs at Ostara, so here are just a few suggestions! We are awash with chocolate eggs nowadays - if you have children don't forget the Egg Hunt in the garden (our best ever was on top of the Mendip Hills in Somerset), painting boiled eggs and writing wishes on them, sowing cress seeds inside and giving it a face, this is a FUN festival and so very easy to do something. (And when your child becomes a young woman don't make the mistake of thinking she has grown out of Egg Hunts as I did - what a crestfallen face!)

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The story of a wish that goes awry provides the inspiration for the Magic Wand Workshop. Accompanied by music to make you smile, students choose from a variety of sparkly materials that are fun to work with. Each wand is as unique as the child who made it and transports the “magician” to the starting point for writing wishes and magic stories.

Hi there, I love the idea of writing wishes for the baby. I cannot get the animal templates; could you send it by email?
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The star festival originates from a Japanese legend of two lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, being kept apart from each other every day of the year apart from one day, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. On this day the lovers are so happy that they can meet each other that they grant wishes to people who prayed for them. Now-a-days this festival is celebrated by people writing wishes on pieces of paper and hanging them on bamboo. In the class we wrote wishes, that ranged from IB grades to World Cup winners and hung them on some bamboo with decorations. Hopefully all our wishes will come true!

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Remember that personal wishes should reflect the person expressing them and his/her relationship with the couple. The most meaningful wishes are ones that are not forced, but allowed to develop. Take some time to think about what might be said if someone asks for comments on videotape or if there is a chance a wedding speech might be requested. For written wishes, use scrap paper to write a short rough draft before copying down a final version.

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