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At 100+ pages, writing a PhD thesis paralyzes the bravest student. Breaking writer’s block for PhD students is possible and easy. Keep reading to know how.

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Below are some tips that will help in writing a PhD thesis conclusion:

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The most important thing in writing PhD thesis is planning your research proposal and the structure of your thesis. You must be fully familiar with the structure of your PhD thesis. Once you develop the overall structure of your PhD thesis then it will be very convenient for you to put up things in already defined structure.

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This tutorial is divided into three parts. The first part covers how to manage literature. The second part covers how to draft a PhD thesis. The final part covers how to write a PhD thesis and how to manage references. But before you begin, you might want to have a look at this video of Docear, a great solution to manage academic literature.

I am Just starting to write my PhD Thesis. I find the tutorial immensely useful.
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You must start writing your PhD thesis with introduction and conclude it with a meaningful conclusion.

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This is the third part of our tutorial series about how to write a PhD thesis. In this part we finally explain how write up a PhD thesis and how to manage references.

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Keep in mind that your mind map for the thesis does not only include PDF links but you can write complete sentences. Again, have a look at the picture to get an idea how your final mind map should look like. Now, read in the third part how to finally write a phd thesis.

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