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The CEO, Mr. Lion was surprised to see the dedication of Ant and felt very happy within him. One day he thought, if Mr. Ant by himself can do such good work, he will be excelling more in performance under proper supervision. So the boss appointed Mr. Beetle as supervisor. Beetle was experienced and famous for supervising and had the capability of writing good reports.

Some Bonus tips to write a good bug report:

The good news is the ability to write good reports will stay with you.

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We usually write for a purpose. In the case of decision-seeking reports, we need to communicate an idea from our minds to the minds of those who must make the decision. Our recommendations for that decision will have been formed based on our experience and expertise. All of our discussions with stakeholders, review of legal requirements, research, analysis and investigation of strategic and political considerations from potentially months of work need to be conveyed appropriately and in a digestible format.

Once written, our reports are sent out on a one-way journey to land in a meeting where the decision can be made. If we have written a good report then the debate will be focussed and based on a common understanding of the issues and the proposed way forward.

Good reports have three main elements:

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Writing good reports is important. Reports that are clear, complete and that carry their message make good decisions much more likely, and in turn make good outcomes much more likely to be achieved.

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Simply defined, a research report is an account of the observations or study conducted by the reporter (the researcher). Thus, it seems that a report can be done by almost anybody who can present his record of observations. However, there are requirements, albeit not written out explicitly, that are intrinsic to writing a good report. These are stipulations that would differentiate the product of a skilled and conscientious researcher from the rest or, equivalently, the good from bad custom report:This short document describes how to write a good report. This isbased on common mistakes I have observed over a period of time. Whilemost of the following apply in general, they have been written withBTech/MTech/PhD students in mind.At this inspiring juncture, you must have gained some positive impression that you can write a good report, which now may be better defined as an accurate, objective, and systematic account of your study or observations. Absorb fully the stipulations embedded in this concise definition, be guided by your simplified writing format, and you are just about ready to produce a desirable product. The reports should be at least 600 words long, exclusive of any footnotes, bibliograpy, etc., and include maps and/or images as appropriate. They should focus on at least one aspect of the geography of the areas and on your impressions of what you see. The choice of focus will depend entirely on the nature of the trips. You do not necessarily need to do any background research on the region before the trips, but some knowledge of the regions and the specific foci you select are likely to be helpful in writing good reports. Include sources in a bibliography if you do make use of any, but that is not required. Here are some possibilities for trips around the Santa Barbara area.
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Good post. I would only add, that in order to know your bug well (and hence write a good bug report), you need to know the product well. IT’s really important, and seems trivial, but you’ll be surprised at how many testers don’t know the software product before they test it.

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My work style, influenced by my aversion to court, was not to go out seeking adventure or arrests. I saw my strengths in dealing well with people, calming situations, and writing good reports. As my sergeant put it, “Pete’s not a fireball on the street, but he’s got his act together.” My arrest totals—between zero and eight per month—were lower than those of many rookies but higher than most veterans’. I could handle action but looked forward to slow nights. Bad weather keeps people inside and the radio quiet. I was more than happy to get paid to read the newspaper. My primary goal, as with most police officers, was to return home safely every day.

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Additionally, the facility health professionals receive indirect training on writing goodreports through the follow-up questions they are asked by the MedSun representatives.