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In addition, reviewed the book edited by Connor, Nagelhout, and Rozycki, and stated that these editors propose a new term—intercultural rhetoric—for contrastive rhetoric by including different variety of genres and corpus linguistics with more strict analyses of texts and ethnography with more extended understanding of contexts. Understanding my Navajo students’ culture seems to be the way to understand their difficulties including writing anxiety in writing English papers because oral traditions are a major part of their culture, and they do not have a “written rhetorical theory” (, p. 139). This is the context that instructors need to learn and understand.

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The idea is to collect all my advice on writing good English papers in one place.

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The other thing to keep in mind while writing English paper is that the English papers in US for example must follow a few things that English papers in UK do not essentially have to abide by. Components of speech such as spelling, language, structure and punctuation often have a few minute differences. The person writing the paper should keep the reader in mind before starting to write the paper as after all, the reader of the English paper is the one who decides the marks.

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Writing English paper as also involves a certain degree of planning as it helps to organize the thoughts in a structure. A better paper often employs simple language and vocabulary making it easy for the reader to comprehend. Some of the college English papers often require the students to be disciplined with the punctuation and it is therefore really essential to have a good English paper revision before giving in the paper. An English paper company generally gives the English papers online and here also the basic rules do not change much.

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English papers require meticulous consideration of grammar, formatting, and writing. When writing English papers you must select your topic based on the assignment parameters of your course. Whether you are writing a persuasive or research piece, English papers require talent and time.