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A bully writing a childrens book to teach them not to bully? Good grief get over yourself, your still a jerky doucheface! No one really thinks you changed

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If you are thinking about writing a childrens book, this is a good resource

Are you writing a childrens book

This is my first time on the website. I am a little nervous seeing that I am not tech savvy no am I sure what I am doing. I am excited and newrvous at the same time. I am planning on writing a childrens book. All the best to all.

A bully writing a childrens book to teach them not to bully

Hey Sarah, First of all, I love the Ask Amy Green series. My cousin and I are writing a childrens book together. We are teenagers. What would be the best publishers to go to?

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I'm writing a childrens book so this will be useful!

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