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Grant Proposal Editing: If your organization wants a completed proposal evaluated prior to submission to the funding source, our grant writers for hire can review your written proposal, identify weaknesses, make recommendations for improvement, and edit and polish the final submission. Minimum fee is $1,000.

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Ghostwriters for Hire: (323) 570-HIRE

Ghostwriters for Hire: (323) 570-HIRE

Whether you have only an idea or already have a rough-draft screenplay, we have a screenwriter for hire who can help and is a professional in your specific type and genre of screenwriting. We can help you to plot and plan your story, provide feedback and suggestions for your current draft, edit or rewrite your existing script, or ghostwrite an entire screenplay from idea to completed screenplay. We can even help with marketing once we’ve finished the story.

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Unfortunately, many new writers get in their own way. They want to make the process of writing for money more complicated than it is. It's very simple: as a writer for hire, you sell your writing services to people and businesses who need those services.

What exactly is a writer for hire?
You're doing great work and you want certain people to know about it. Pro Writers for Hire can help you tap into the media, and share your message with the right market. We'll work closely with you to discover your group’s real story and help you tell it.Pro Writers for Hire LLC is a writing agency with experience and a personal touch. We understand that in today’s world of having more work to do and fewer people to do it, businesses and nonprofits alike often struggle to keep up with all that needs done. We want to help you focus on what you do and let us handle your writing needs. We work on a contractual basis so there’s no long-term commitment. We can help you apply for grant funding and write press releases, web or social media content, feature stories, newsletters, form letters, ghostwriting, you name it. If you need it written, we can do it. If you’ve already done the writing yourself and need professional editing, we can help with that, too. Contact us for a consultation to see how we can help you.Communicating your goals and putting forth the best image is crucial. Whether you want to share exciting news with your employees and your community, or craft your web content to showcase your worth, Pro Writers for Hire has you covered.If you’ve been staring at a blank screen for hours, writers for hire might be just what you need. Though you might have the best ideas in your mind, when you don’t have the time or the skills to write, you need to call in the experts.
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There are only 24 hours in every day and there are only so many skills you can master in your lifetime. While you might think writing for yourself is going to be the cheaper way to manage your needs, this is not always the case. Here are some of the reasons why writers for hire are essential:

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If you need any kind of help writing or editing your personal essay for college, you should consider recruiting the help of a professional writer for hire. There are a number of places where you can find them: freelance writers working through classified ads or third party sites or professional writing services which offer a multitude of writing assistance for people around the world.

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Writers For Hire offer a professional writing service. Taking information you provide on yourself, your ideas, your business, products or services, we work with you to develop a style, structure and presentation that suits you, your audience and the chosen media for delivery.