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Yosua who spoke with newsmen while been paraded for robbery, said police officers held gun to his head while forcing him to write the statement at the station, shortly after he went to report a fight.

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How do you use FORMAT statements and the format number in a write statement?

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Instead of specifying the format code in a separate formatstatement, one can give the format code in the read/writestatement directly. For example, the statement

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The format statement says ten numbers should be printed. Butin the write statement we try to print 50 numbers. So after theten first numbers have been printed, the same format statement isautomatically used for the next ten numbers and so on.

How about going over Format statements or Write statements that serve as formats.
The WRITE statement specifies that the SAS Code Analyzer outputsinformation to the record file, if a file has been specified with the RECORDstatement. The Grid Job Generator will also run at this time if it has beenspecified. Termination of SAS also causes the SAS Code Analyzer to outputinformation to the specified record file.For horizontal spacing, the n code is oftenused. This means n horizontal spaces. If n isomitted, n=1 is assumed. For vertical spacing(newlines), use the code . Each slash corresponds toone newline. Note that each read or write statement by defaultends with a newline (here Fortran differs from C). The format statement may be located anywhere within theprogram unit. There are two programming styles: Either the formatstatement follows directly after the read/write statement, or allthe format statements are grouped together at the end of the(sub-)program. If you're applying for a graduate or PhD program, you'll probably have to write a Statement of Purpose. It may be the most difficult—and most important thing you will ever write. Usually two or three pages in length, your Statement of Purpose can make or break your application. We'll show you some tips to write an excellent one!In this example each write statement used a different formatstatement. But it is perfectly fine to use the same formatstatement for many different write statements. In fact, this isone of the main advantages of using format statements. Thisfeature is handy when you print tables for instance, and wanteach row to have the same format. Standard FORTRAN reserves two UNIT numbers for I/O to user. They are: Most versions of FORTRAN will also let you use the ASTERISK (*) for I/O to the TERMINAL. The asterisk can be used with both the READ and WRITE statements, thus there is no need to remember whether 5 or 6 is for input or output.
The WRITELN statement prints the contents of each literal string or variable in turn.

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The WRITELN statement tells the computer to write out information for the user to read. This document talks about writing to the screen but WRITELN can also write to a disk file or to a printer.

The WRITE statement transfers values to an input/output unit from entities specified in an output list or a namelist group.

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Implicit do-loops can be multi-dimensional and can be used tomake an read or write statement difficult to understand. Youshould avoid using implicit loops which are much more complicatedthan the ones shown here.

One key item is to get used to synchronizing the use of

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Short answer to your question: The syntax does not allow you to do this as per the compiler message. The best you can do is to combine the FORMAT and WRITE statements in a macro, but this is very old-school, and will probably not teach you too much that is relevant.