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Many students find writing a college essay quite hard. Today, all college students, no matter where they come from in the world, have to write essays on a regular basis. As a result, college students are quite busy throughout their academic life. In truth, writing essays is a demanding task to varied degrees depending on the subjects, topics and word counts of the essays. As almost all students studying in colleges nowadays are also active in non-academic activities, extracurricular activities to gain very valuable experience in other areas of practical life, they often find it difficult to write a lot of essays within a tight deadline. Some of them can wonder “How can I write my college essay?”

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“Nothing big has ever happened to me; I’ve had a boring life; I’ve never faced death or disease or anything really terrible. What am I going to write my college essay about?”

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A good essay is a good story (or train of thought). A good college admissions essay is a good story that shows something about you. So instead of asking, "What should I write my college essay about," think about