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In the hours after the murder Tebbs researched Oscar Wilde poetry and how to write a will online, before withdrawing cash and emailing his sister with the line: ‘I stabbed her’.

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Creating a will is a decidedly unpleasant task for everyone, but it’s something that must be done in order to maintain a sense of calm and order for the family in the event of a death. These days, there are options for , and now that realm includes the ability to create a legal last will. While it may seem impersonal to write a will online, there are a number of invaluable benefits that come along with opting out of the traditional lawyer-client relationship. Saving time and money are the driving forces behind why most online services resurface with writing a will, but there are simultaneously inevitable disadvantages that come along with such convenience.

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How to Write a Will Online
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Smart Money - Now Write A Will Online! 15 September 2014, Bloomberg TV India. People spend a lifetime building wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

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