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Read through the list of helpful tips for writing essays below. These tips will serve as a checklist to help make sure that you have all areas covered this will prevent you from losing unnecessary marks. Creative writing and essays in particular gives you a voice to express an opinion or story that you would like to share. Original, fresh and creative responses that reflect insight and or personal point of view will be rewarded, so don’t doubt your personal story. Your original voice is unique; this unique content will ultimately bring the extra marks. Be bold! Be daring! Think outside of the box. Make sure that you have covered all the basics listed below.

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A lot goes in to writing a successful essay; fortunately, these tips for writing essays can help you along the way and get you on the path to a well-written essay.

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An essay is not simply a form of assessment. An essay is itself a learning activity; we ask you to write essays not just to check what you have and have not learnt, but to help you to develop analytic, organisational, creative and presentational skills.

An essay should present an argument, supporting that argument with appropriate evidence. That evidence can be drawn from a range of sources—in a discipline like Performance Studies, you may well be drawing upon sources other than those used in other disciplines. For example, you may need to write about people performing. The second year core units, PRFM2601 and PRFM2602, are designed to furnish you with some ways to approach the problems this presents.

When you do quote, draw upon, paraphrase or otherwise use another person’s ideas, whether written or otherwise, you must provide references. If you do not, you risk the accusation of plagiarism.

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