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Weare going to create an ontology repository as our dynamic databasewhich is a datastore that can be updated easily through the process ofrestructuring the ontology hierarchy. This process of restructuring isrequired to build the ontology hierarchy that can be referenced ashierarchical categories and sub-categories. The ontology hierarchy willbe presented as drop-down list of the search items to enable users tosearch for relevant thesis records based on the concept of mind map asdescribed above.

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Inanother example, consider a user who wants to search “computer-basedlearning as a learning method among university students”. As discussedpreviously, if the students are to enter the above phrase as the searchstring, it may not return any result. However we can create thefollowing hierarchy of classes in ontology which can be used to createthe drop-down list as discussed above to help users to search forthesis records:

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Search for thesis only: go to Advanced Search and change content to "Thesis/Dissertations"

Search for thesis: change database to "Interdisciplinary - Dissertations and Theses"The actual search for thesis-backing sources should be done through an academic database, like , , or . These databases can be found on your school or hospital’s library site, typically under “Databases.” If you’re researching for a work project, hospital libraries can sometimes be difficult to find, but they are treasure troves of information, once located, with Web sites often housed on hospital intranets.
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The second thesis search domain is the school faculty. You can ask some faculty members if they can provide you with sample thesis papers. Most of the time, these faculty members will be more than willing to guide you in searching for the best thesis materials.

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Perhaps you found this page in your search for thesis paper help

Lastly, you can do thesis search at the comfort of your own home. Using only the internet, you can search for thesis samples around the world. Use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Type the exact thesis subject that you wish to look for. Then download free copies of thesis samples from a reputable website.

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