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This article lists the Scholarships for college students for study in India or abroad. The article will give details about all Scholarships available for college going students that are being offered by the government or the private organisations. These will help them in getting and also Indian government offers various types of scholarships to help various sections of the society and there are special scholarship schemes for people belonging to financially weaker families, SC, ST and OBC category. There are also scholarships for meritorious students of general class.

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We are thrilled to announce Marissa Akery, a senior at the University of Georgia, as the grand prize winner of our College Scholarship Contest. Marissa's winning essay and photos shared her amazing non-profit and volunteer efforts as a University Ambassador, a Friends for Life mentor and a Girl Scout Troop Leader. She will receive a $10,000 scholarship for college, which she plans to use toward her upcoming study abroad semester in Spain!

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The American Association of Candy Technologists () sponsors an annual scholarship for college freshmen, sophomores and juniors (for use in the next academic year) who have demonstrated an interest in confectionary technology.

Cristhabel Martinez, a senior at West High School, won the $100,000 Boys & Girls scholarship for college.
Are you already in college and wondering whether you can still find and win scholarships? If so, you can stop wondering. There are still scholarships available even after you’ve started your college journey. To search for scholarships as a college student you should use many of the same strategies that a student in high school would use. You can start with the section of this site. You should also read Chapter 18, “Scholarships for Current College Students and Transfer Students” in . If you're looking for scholarships you can win as a high school student, visit or the section. You can also view this for additional information about getting college money. Application Deadline: April 30, 2016 Knapp & Roberts is offering a $2,500 scholarship for college-bound students who have a sibling with autism. To apply, please write a 500+ word essay sharing your family’s story, where you’re going to college, what career you plan on pursuing, and how you would benefit from this scholarship.
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In the present scenario many scholarship schemes are available for college students which are either offered by Central Government /State Government or Private organizations. The article acts as guide to the students about the Scholarships for college students so that they can find the best available scholarships for themselves.

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Scholarships aren’t just for the school students. In fact, they’re available to college students of all streams from graduation till post doctorate level i.e. throughout all years of continued education. These scholarships for college students reward the meritorious student and also help the students who are in need of funds to complete their higher education.

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Scholarships for College Sophomores – Funding your college education is hard. While many students rely on student loan, we believe that scholarship is the best way to go to cover for your education fees. Today we are going to discuss four types of grant or scholarships for college sophomores.