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Sensors at these water quality stations are maintained by staff from DWR's field divisions. The staff checks each sensor on a regular basis to make sure it is properly calibrated and functioning normally. The staff also takes regular water quality "grab" samples which are analyzed at in West Sacramento. The grab sample lab results are then used to verify the data from the automated sensors onsite at the water quality stations. More information about grab samples is available .

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Environmental Works offers soil sample lab results within 24 hours. One of our licensed heating oil tank supervisors can call you with preliminary results within minutes of the soil samples being taken.

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Daily Operation. Always use fresh fluid to top off system. Fluid "burped" out the vent or collected in the drip pans should be discarded. Do not mix fluids. If you have a problem, contact your fluid supplier, who can provide you with guidance. To help prolong the life of the sys-tem and hot oil, a comprehensive fluid analysis program consisting of laboratory testing, evaluation of your system performance and discussion of the hot oil sample lab results is recommended. This analysis can identify signs of thermal cracking, oxidation and contamination and help ensure your system runs as productively and efficiently as possible. Remember that a fluid analysis will provide laboratory data that is a snapshot of fluid condition. The data must be put into a time perspective along with the operating history to obtain a complete system analysis. This allows corrective action to be implemented before the fluid life or equipment efficiency is compromised. Hot oil samples should be taken from a "live" part of the system, preferably from the heat user or near the suction side of the circulating pump. The fluid should be circulating at a temperature of 200°F (93°C). Do not sample from the expansion or drain tank. It is important that the sample be put directly into the sample jar. Do not use another container to catch the sample if the fluid is too hot; instead, wait for the system to cool before taking the sample. A 1-qt sample bottle packed in a protective ship-ping container is available upon request. Most fluid suppliers suggest that a fluid analysis be done annually or sooner if you suspect a problem.

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3) GENERIC REMEDY LEVEL 1 - If soil sample lab results indicate that the contamination level in the soil is between 500-2,499 ppm diesel, then the tank can be decommissioned in-place, however, additional sampling is required. Four or five additional samples around the tank are required to delineate the underground distribution of contamination.

Official Cesium Radiation Soil Sample Lab Results Showing 52,547 Bq/Kg of Cesium radiation

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4) GENERIC REMEDY LEVEL 2 - If soil sample lab results indicate that the contamination level in the soil is between 2,500 - 9,999 ppm diesel, then the tank might be able to be decommissioned in-place, but it could also potentially require removal. Additional samples are required and additional lab analysis must be performed on the soil samples that test for Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene, and Xylenes (BTEX). If the concentrations of these hydrocarbons are higher than allowable levels, then the site jumps to the next level of clean-up requirements. The Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) (see next category).

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I looked into the Parr case some weeks back, having stumbled onto the story via links I saw somewhere… might’ve been dKos. The Parrs documented their case with meticulous detail, including photos, copies of reports (including water and soil sample lab results), and even some videos.