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For most research projects the data collection phase feels like the most important part. However, you should avoid jumping straight into this phase until you have adequately defined your research problem, and the extent and limitations of your research. If you are too hasty you risk collecting data that you will not be able to use.

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 Note that no research theses are now held by the University of London Library.

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Description of research: Research evidence suggests that Google search engine has become the main information mediator for the academic community; a role earlier attributed to libraries. Google have gained popularity over traditional library sources, based on ease of use and reliability. Library sources are acknowledged as authoritative but clumsy to use. Also of note is the library’s invisible role in making Google more reliable by providing seamless access to resources not held by Google but by libraries. This research proposes to: understand the extent of this Googling phenomenon through the perceptions of information users in an academic setting; evaluate if the perceptions translate to reality; investigate the implications on academic library service provision; and examine the extent of cohesion of this phenomenon across different economies. While much research has been carried out on Google, there is no evidence of any research using a phenomenological approach to understand this world-wide phenomenon; nor has there been any attempt to understand the phenomenon from different economic perspectives. This research addresses these gaps, and proposes to complement the findings from in-depth interviews with a small sample of the target population, leading to the designing of an informed survey questionnaire to collect data from a large enough sample.

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Description of research: This research explores the relationship between the natural and built environments, looking at how the urban ecological footprint can be reversed and cities transformed into a force of regeneration enabling coexistence of human activities and ecological processes. Sustainable regenerative development goes beyond reducing urban ecological impact, it restores and helps rebuild past impact in local and regional contexts ensuring ecosystems services and wellbeing to urban populations. Biophilic urbanism is starting to demonstrate that existing high density precincts can be regenerated and new ones can be designed as quality living environments that are able to restore ecosystems. It provides the possibility for dense cities to promote conditions conducive to nature regeneration by creating new habitats for natural urban systems. Examining the principles of biophilic urbanism and regenerative design, and analysing the case studies of Singapore and Curitiba, this thesis aims to create a theoretical framework for practitioners envisioning sustainable regenerative development in cities. This approach to urban design is integral to the ecological worldview and involves a new way of thinking about the built environment, enhancing the value of nature and resetting people back as part of it.

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Overview: Think individualized! The Research Thesis Track, within the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, is intended to offer students and College of Business faculty with joint research interests, an opportunity to engage in research as part of the student’s MBA program. Students can design, execute, and report on business research problems and their solutions. These may include an analysis of existing academic literature and the formulation of research questions and research plans. Students may also collect and analyze data and report on research findings in both an oral and written format.

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It should highlight a point of interest from a new perspective, introduce a new methodology or protocol, or deliver some message for practitioners. It does not need to meet the requirements of a research thesis and does not need to include experimental research, but it should have academic rigor sufficient to warrant consideration by a peer-reviewed publication.

This is a collection of full text research theses and dissertations successfully defended at the University of Plymouth.

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