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My job requires a lot of traveling and I was interested in going back to school to get an associates degree in / technology / electrical or something similar.. I was wondering if theres any regionally accredited online schools for a associates in .. I'v seen multiple online schools for an associates in but theyre mostly nationally accredited.. any input or opinions about nationally accredited is appreciated thanks so much guys!

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One drawback to attending a regionally accredited school versus a nationally accredited school is transferability. Some credits may transferto other regionally accredited schools only. Nationally accredited schools, on the other hand, will accept credits from both regionally and nationally accredited colleges as well as regionally accredited online schools.

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Transfer courses may be taken at local colleges and universities, or through regionally accredited online schools. Please fill out the and submit for appropriate approvals prior to enrolling in transfer courses.

differences between nationally accredited and regionally accredited online schools?
Many people often wonder if a difference exists between regionally accredited online schools and nationally accredited online schools. The answer is an astounding yes. One misconception is that a national accreditation is better than a regional accreditation. One may not be better than the other; however, choosing one over the other may greatly affect your career choices in the future. Regionally accredited schools consist of traditional bricks and mortar universities, such as state universities, and top online universities, such as colleges with top MBA programs. A third type of accreditation exists.Regionally accredited online schools are the best option for many people. For most people, the advantages are far greater than taking programs through nationally accredited online schools. These online college courses will change your life.One of the greatest differences involves the transferring of credits. Regionally accredited online schools, in most instances, will accept transfer credits from regionally accredited universities. This is not necessarily true the other way around. Most regionally accredited online colleges will not accept transfer credits from nationally accredited schools. How does this affect your decision? If you choose to complete a nationally accredited university and later decide to complete an additional degree such as a master’s degree through a regionally accredited school, you will not be accepted into the program. Your online bachelor’s degree is not recognized by regionally accredited schools. You would have to complete another bachelor’s degree to continue.A few regionally accredited online schools do accept nationally accredited credits in transfer. If your credits were earned at a nationally accredited college, ask about this specific policy before you enroll.
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This website is a great tool for anybody pursuing a college education. Regionally Accredited Online Schools is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university throughout the nation by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission, graduation, and retention rates.

A few regionally accredited online schools do accept nationally accredited credits in transfer

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When people think about accredited schools, they often believe only accredited schools have online programs. While this may be true for the most part, the accreditation process is entirely voluntary. Some online schools without accreditation may have good programs. But issues may influence your decision when choosing between regionally accredited online schools and other online universities.

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The organization evaluated all regionally accredited online schools with at least five online master’s programs and ranked them according to total cost to complete a master’s degree online, including both tuition and fees. The rankings are based on a variety of factors including faculty, technology and student support, accreditation, cost, and the national and regional reputations of each school.