MLA citation format for a published dissertation:

The author of a doctoral dissertation on veterans education has lost the paper — and a mention of the work in a roster of theses — because he lifted text from a previously published dissertation from a student at another institution.

Chicago citation format for a published dissertation:

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3. Unpublished doctoral dissertation (i.e., doesn't appear in DAI).

His soon-to-be published dissertation sought to bridge that gap by using focus groups, individual interviews, and participant observation to understand what happens at the neighborhood level that drives homicide. As he explained, “After 16 years as a community organizer and community developer in the Hollygrove neighborhood, I parlayed my relationships from the Mayor’s Office to neighborhood residents to uncover the conditions that give rise to high homicide rates in high-homicide communities like Hollygrove. Special attention is given to the great work of Hollygrove residents to reduce the number of murders in their community between 2012 and 2015.”

The Difference Between a Published & Unpublished Dissertation

I have received many letters, comments and nominations resulting from this column. I suggested in the column that a great dissertation should be one that had impact on the field and I adopted (rather arbitrarily) the criterion that a published dissertation should be cited over two hundred times to be considered a classic dissertation. After receiving objections from many, I backed off on this criterion. For purposes of this column and the list that accompanies it, I used the criterion of 100 citations (and yes, that is arbitrary, too). Citations measure impact of an article on the field, but of course other definitions are possible. Perhaps the dissertation won an award. Many universities give awards for “best dissertation” and some APA divisions offer such awards, as do other organizations. These dissertations may be quite deserving, but an award-winning dissertation may never even be published and therefore never make much of any impact on the field. (“Famous unpublished doctoral dissertations” is not quite an oxymoron, but would have to be the topic of another column.) Dissertations that were published and that were widely cited did, by definition, make an impact on the intellectual field to which they belong.

I'm still unclear on the meaning of the term "published dissertation".
Claytor was a brilliant student. He enrolled at Penn in the 1930-31 academic year, won a Harrison Scholarship in Mathematics in his second year, and took the most prestigious award offered at Penn at that time, a Harrison Fellowship in Mathematics, in his third and final year of graduate studies. Claytor's dissertation delighted the Penn faculty, for it provided a significant advance in the theory of Peano continua - a branch of point-set topology in which Kline was an expert. On Wednesday, 21 June 1933, Penn conferred its PhD on Claytor, who thereby became the third African American in the nation to earn the degree in mathematics. When Claytor published his dissertation, he had every reason to expect competing offers from America's leading research universities. But in that era of pervasive racial discrimination only a predominantly African American institution, West Virginia State College, welcomed him to its faculty.There are conflicting views regarding whether gray literature, including unpublished doctoral dissertations, should be included in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Although publication status frequently is used as a proxy for study quality, some research suggests that dissertations are often of superior quality to published studies.
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I recently finished my MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies with a distinction and I want to publish my dissertation. How can I do it?

I recently read a citation from a Fielding Institute PhD grad. It was stated as

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According to the APA manual, if a dissertation appears in DAI then one of the first two formats should be selected. Note also that if the dissertation were published as a separate work (e.g., book, book chapter, article, etc.) then it would follow the citation format for that type of work. Anyway, a citation which mentions an unpublished doctoral dissertation would fit the third citation option within APA. That being said, I recently attended a defense where a committee member chided a doctoral student for listing Dissertation Abstracts International in an APA reference list, implying that this meant that the student only read the dissertation abstract instead of the dissertation itself (despite the APA stipulation to the contrary).

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All dissertations must include a table of contents and a list of the component articles for article-based dissertations. If one or more of the articles in the dissertation have been used as a part of a previously published dissertation, a notification of this must be included in the dissertation after the list of articles.