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When the student's ETD submission has been approved and delivered to ProQuest for publishing, please mail the CD, DVD or USB jump drive to the following address, along with a printout of the information file that includes the student's name, school, dissertation/thesis title and submission ID to:

Attn: Lewis KreutzerProQuest Dissertation Publishing
789 E. Eisenhower Parkway
P.O. Box 1346
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346

2015-2016 ProQuest Publishing Agreement

No, submission to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing is done on a non-exclusive basis.

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The Supplementary Files step of the submission process lets you upload supporting files like sound clips and data sets. These files will be submitted to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing along with the PDF version of your dissertation/thesis. You will be able to upload multiple files, and we ask that you include a description of each file (or set of files, if more appropriate) in your abstract.

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After you submit your manuscript, it must be approved by your graduate school before the site administrator sends it to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing. Once we receive the manuscript from your school, it can take 8-12 weeks before it is available online.

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ProQuest LLC is privately-held property of the information services and publishing conglomerate Cambridge Information Group, Inc. With headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ProQuest publishes in microform and in electronic database form archives of historical newspapers, periodicals, government records and publications, dissertations, and epehemera. ProQuest electronic content is accessed most commonly through library internet gateways, with navigation through such search platforms as ProQuest, CSA Illumina, Dialog, Datastar, Chadwyck-Healey, eLibrary and SIRS. The ProQuest publishing agreement grants ProQuest the non-exclusive right to reproduce and disseminate your work according to the publishing options you select. It is important to note that ProQuest acts as a publisher but does not own the copyright to your thesis. As the author of your thesis, you retain control of the work's intellectual content. Please make sure that you have read and understood the terms of each publishing agreement before selecting a publishing option, as you will not be able to alter your decision until SJSU has delivered the thesis to ProQuest. ProQuest can assist students with refunds and amendments to their publishing agreement once they receive a digital copy of the thesis from the institution. Author options include selecting the type of publishing as well as imposing publishing restrictions. The Creative Commons License selected will apply to your document at the UCR Library and in eScholarship. ProQuest’s use of your work is governed by the ProQuest Publishing Agreement.Upon successful approval of a thesis or capstone research project, the student will be given directions for uploading a PDF version of the work into the ProQuest publishing database.
The ProQuest UMI ETD Administrator is a tool that provides ProQuest publishing ..

Guide to UMI/ProQuest Publishing Options

ProQuest Publishing Options
The first publishing option is traditional publishing from ProQuest (restricted access through ProQuest Dissertation Abstract database). This option is the default. However, under this option, you can choose whether you want your work to be discovered by search engines through ProQuest Dissertations Abstract database, or whether you want to put an embargo on your work.

ProQuest's use of your work is governed by the ProQuest Publishing Agreement

Your ProQuest publishing agreement

has been publishing dissertations and theses since 1938. During that time, over 2 million graduate works have been published from graduate schools around the world. ProQuest Dissertation Publishing has over 700 active university publishing partners, and publishes more than 70,000 new graduate works each year.

The ProQuest Publishing Agreement is embedded into the online ETD submission process


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Therelease options available on the ProQuest agreement are separate from theUniversity's ETD release options. To avoid the additional optional feeassociated with ProQuest's "Open Access Publishing" option (currently$95), selection of the free "Traditional Publishing" option on the ProQuestpublishing agreement is recommended.