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"Nothing can make a well written paper shine better than the help from a proofreading and editing service. This extra step ensures that my paper follows all the grammatical rules, is formatted correctly, and that my content flows cohesively."

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This is one of our most basic areas of service; professional proofreading and editing services.

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LSC provides both proofreading and editing services in over 85 languages. Our proofreaders and editors are native speakers of the target languages in which they work, thereby providing the highest level of experience in working with the nuances of special typography, as well as idiomatic and regional aspects of the requested languages.

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I offer professional proofreading and editing services for almost any type of document.

Over the past 12 years, I have edited manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction), textbooks, short stories, dissertations and essays, manuals, letters, website copy, grant documents, church publications, and much more.

I am focused, perfectionistic, detail-oriented, a book lover, a word nerd, a rule follower, and have just enough OCD thrown in to make me dangerous! I was born to proofread. I just can't help myself. Misspelled words, dangling participles, and improper pronoun-antecedent agreement shout my name and I can't ignore them.

Many of my clients have become published book authors, and they thank me for helping them get there. They also thank me for my affordable rates. I am always impressed by the amount of work and skill these authors pour into their manuscripts, and I am thrilled to use my gift of proofreading to help their works of art become publisher-ready.

I am ready to help you too!

This is one of our most basic areas of service; professional proofreading and editing services.
We are glad to offer you the best proofreading and editing services. Our reliable company provides professional services, that are aimed to meet all your expectations. We provide a wide range of proofreading and editing services including but not limited to:We have two Service Levels for you to choose from: (i) ; or (ii) . We recommend choosing Editing and Proofreading when you want assistance with the readability of your paper, including college essay help or ESL grammar help. In addition, with Editing and Proofreading, you are provided with one week of email access to your editor or proofreader to ask questions while you're revising your paper. If you're writing an important journal article, our service levels are the same and a Sibia Proofreading science editor or technical editor can provide you the comprehensive proofreading and edit services you need.
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Proofreading Editing Services - FAQs

Our mission at Horizon Proofreading is to provide clients with the best editing services available. We stand behind our editing services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Clients can submit their documents with confidence, knowing that a proofreading specialist will edit their text. Horizon Proofreading provides grammar editing, which includes the correction of punctuation, verb, tense, spelling, and sentence structure. Your document is carefully proofread, ensuring effective communication to your target audience. Editors offer suggestions in terms of style and flow, certifying a well-written document. Our team of highly experienced editors have reviewed over 35,000 documents since 2001. Our commitment to placing our clients' needs first means that we now receive the vast majority of our work through word-of-mouth recommendations. Horizon Proofreading offers excellent customer service and timely responses to customer inquiries. Horizon Proofreading editing services are already employed by many students and businesses drawn from different countries. Clients have been consistently impressed with our professional proofreading services. We are pleased to say that clients continually recommend our services to friends and colleagues. You are welcome to to join our ever expanding client base. Horizon Proofreading is very serious about client privacy. Sitemap

Below are five key features of our service that we believe distinguish us as the best value, quality proofreading and editing service online:

Essay and Journal Manuscript Proofreading and Editing Services

Proofread, edit services, writing services and rewriting services are available 24/7. You may also order custom essay writing at our site. Just turn to our company and ask for help. We are open for communication and we do not ignore our customers! Not a single request is left unattended. Order proofreading editing services and we will turn your writing into a masterpiece.

areas of service; professional proofreading and editing services

Why Choose Us? Best Proofreading and Editing Services UK

Our Proofreading and Editing Services are included free of charge in our English-Spanish Translation Service. However, we also offer Spanish Proofreading Services for documents translated by another source and/or texts written by non native speakers. Our linguists are especially trained to review the presentation of a text in its final layout. Our team corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage mistakes as well as idiomatic expressions. Translations are also compared against the original for missing text and inconsistencies in layout and font. With our top-quality proofreading/editing services you can rest assured that the target document is error-free and is thoroughly checked for uniformity.