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Genius Project delivers configurable project tracking and task tracking dashboards in a single project tracking software. Based on the unique needs of your different users and stakeholders project tracking dashboards can be configured to display and share mission-critical project tracking details to ensure the most relevant information is accessible at your team's finger tips.

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Project Tracking Budget Importer is an extension of Project Tracking Importer which up until now could be used for creating Project Master Information and importing Project Adjustments. You can export Project budget information from another system/program or create your project budgets and save the information as a simple text or excel file and then import that data into Project Tracking via Budget Importer. Budget Headers and budget details will be automatically created after importing the file successfully.

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Dashboards are displays that summarize details in a concise management summary all in a single project tracking software. These displays show color-coded indicators and a collection of project statistics. The six standard project indicators shown are Project Time Tracking, Cost, Effort, Progress, Issue and Risk. For each project you set targets for the Completion Time, Budget and Completion Effort.

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If you use QuickBooks, SpringAhead has the specific project tracking features you’ve been looking for. Take advantage of controls for classes, items and payroll items. Choose between presenting employees with tailored dropdown menus or mapping everything behind-the-scenes. SpringAhead’s award-winning QuickBooks integration ensures accuracy with minimal data entry.Implementing a PMO solution can increase the number of projects completed on-time and on-budget, and ensure that resources are neither overloaded nor under-utilized within the organization. However, the amount of work this entails places a heavy burden on a Project Office that is relying on spreadsheets to track initiatives and resources. Project Tracker provides a single, online portal for your Project Office, from which it can gather, combine and view the data it needs for true business intelligence.Project Tracker is a 100% Web based Project Office (PMO) software solution that helps your organization's Project Office to manage its portfolio more effectively and reduce costs, by providing tools, reports and functions that simplify the tracking, scheduling and management of work and resources. Organizations can also better manage initiatives using other modular Tracker applications such as . When you assign work items and add estimates, Timeless Project Tracking can provide more useful information on the status dashboard, and it can identify risks to your project. By adding estimates, you can use the status dashboard to monitor your progress with dashboard items such as , and . The will alert you to items that are over estimates and items that may not complete on time or on budget.
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Get instant access to the project tracking online and mobile tools that you need to check on the health of your multiple projects. 2-plan Team's Project Dashboard shows you a straightforward and easy-to-read snapshot.

Client's process for tracking associate rechargeable expenses reduced by 75% with Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics

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Project Tracking allows us to easily retrieve historical data and run reports specific to profit margins. We’ve reduced the amount of time spent on our budgeting process immensely. It used to take us two full days to complete and now it takes us just under an hour.

If you license the Project Tracking module, your projects can include information on assignments, work breakdown, costs, schedules, etc.

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The Project Tracking Software is a comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking projects. The system is 100% web based, and can be deployed as an in-house solution, or hosted by Internal Systems. Either way, all you need is a browser to run the software!