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NASAA conducts its affairs through standing committees organized into five sections: broker-dealers regulation, investment adviser regulation, enforcement, corporation finance, and investor education. Project groups are formed in each section to work on topical issues.

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The project group receives funding for scientific events, travel expenses and invitations of guest scientists, activities for junior scientists etc. FRIAS supports the work of the project group administratively. Fellowships for the applicants are included in this funding programme. The members of the project group, however, are invited to participate actively in the scientific and social activities at FRIAS.

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The programme is addressed to researchers at the University of Freiburg. A project group may include multiple fields. This funding format is intended to promote research collaborations at an early stage and is characterized by a common research subject or a unifying problem.

Project groups are created on a per assignment basis. Features:
A national company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the Special Projects Group provides innovative graphic applications and unmatched customer service to clients throughout the United States. We have done thousands of projects for loyal customers who have seen their business and profits grow as a result. Project Groups (PGs) are created by the Board as a mechanism through which matters of common interest to APQN members are addressed. PGs should identify common areas of interest among APQN members and facilitate work on these areas with shared responsibilities from various agencies across the Region. Project areas are dynamic in nature, depending on developments that take place in the quality assurance field.
From the home page (Group Summary), click the project group name link.

From the Project Group Summary page, click the button.

A project must be assigned to a project group that was created for that type of project. If you move a project from one project group to another, and the new project group was created for a different project type, the project is automatically changed to the new type.

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The CRC 990 is subdivided into following project groups:

Project Group A – Environmental processes

The SPs in project group A investigate the effects of land transformations in Jambi region on environmental processes in soil, water and atmosphere at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Research activities will focus on questions relating to the carbon and nitrogen cycles in land transformation systems, nutrient availability, strengths of greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O and NO) sinks and sources.

Project Group B – Biota and ecosystem services

The SPs in project group B investigate in a comprehensive way biota and their ecosystem services form a biodiversity and matter flux perspective. Using a common design biota and ecosystem services will be investigated in tropical lowland rainforest and three agriculture transformation systems. Plant, microbial and animal biodiversity will be investigated across transformation systems and landscapes.

Project Group C - Human dimensions

The socioeconomic projects in group C analyze the driving forces of observed land use changes (e.g., the expansion of oil palm and intensive rubber plantations), their impacts, as well as resulting policy implications. Driving forces include international market forces (e.g., oil price developments) and regimes (e.g., WTO, UNFCCC), national and regional policies, as well as institutional, socio-demographic and cultural factors at the micro level. Historical aspects will also be examined. The impact analysis focuses on a diverse set of socioeconomic functions of transformation systems, including economic (e.g., profit, income, employment) and social (e.g., income distribution, risk, poverty, food security, culture, gender) effects.

Project Group INF - information system and research data management
The main Project goals are to set up a state-of-the-art information system which serves all scientific projects as the central service point to manage and analyse their data and to potentially reuse other projects’ data. Further, to develop a common data policy and data management plans for individual projects and to offer data publication and long-term preservation options. This project group also aims to support the whole CRC in all data curation issues and to publicly disseminate examples and guidelines for a research data infrastructure based on the project results.

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2015-2016 Board Committees, Sections and Project Groups

The space environment is an international domain and requires collaborative efforts from all space-faring nations to ensure the safety and sustainability of this environment. It is therefore essential that there is a wider awareness of an international culture of space safety and sustainability among the space community. The Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group will assist in building the highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organisation regarding space safety and sustainability. This will be achieved through meetings, reports, conference presentations, competitions, and outreach projects.