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After that i returned to my lab stated doing an intense literature survey. and then i selected my PhD topic. It was like early detection of Parkinson's disease through multimodal data analysis and machine learning.

PhD topic: Store Format Patronage and Shopping Trip Types

PhD topic: Examining complex patterns of consumer engagement in online brand-related communities.

PhD topic: The Intrinsic Pleasures of Consuming Ethically

, each further divided into three themes. Many academic staff within these groups have advertised PhD topics under the umbrella of the new interdisciplinary, interdepartmental (DTP). Prospective students who wish to apply for an advertised topic are asked to browse the DTP website and identify the topic or topics that they wish to apply for.

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Choosing a PhD topic can be difficult, as it is likely there will be more than several projects that will take your fancy when you start researching what is out there. Having an idea of which areas in the UK you would like to be based will make this step significantly easier though.

PhD topic: The effect of Green initiatives and products on the luxury-goods industry.
Welcome on my PhD topics web page! If you should be interestedin working on your PhD with me,please contact me by email ()to make anappointment. You will find informationwith respect to the following subjects: After completing my Masters in Biomedical Engineering from IIT KGP, I was highly motivated and interested to carry out further research and I joined IIT Delhi with high hopes. I had in my mind that i will be doing a PhD in topic related to biomedical engineering. This was my interest area. I was thinking at that i will do something related to neuroscience esp brain disorders. But i was not precise at that time.I will tell you my experience in finding my PhD research topic. I am a PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi. I joined here on mid 2010 and I am almost at the stage of submitting. I have a journal publication in the Expert Systems with Applications journal and recently, I was awarded best paper prize at an international IEEE conference. Now here's my story.But the key to this topic really concerns the words, choose the one for you. Those few words sum up what should be your goal. First of all it is a choice, that is to say your PhD thesis is not forced upon you. And second it is for you. So bear those two things in mind in coming up with a PhD dissertation topic. You choose it and you choose it because it's the best one for you.I am doing PhD in engineering and my PhD topic is about to modify a model to simulate Water Quality process in sewer network and i focus on specific output parameter. Actually to build this model with this certain output parameter, there is not so many ways to do this. Both of us have the same basic equation (which developed by other university) and the same output parameter and the funny thing, we are also modifying the existing model based on the same finding in literature review. Of course they way we are building our model is different, he built his model in MATLAB and i built my model in C. But i think this is not sufficient contribution to say that my PhD is giving "Innovative Contribution to the knowledge". He started his PhD not long before me. And i've just come to know recently that his model is much more complete than my one. So, I think what i was doing for 17 months is very useless...The complete list of PhD topic offered at ESO for all research fields is available at . More details on science activities at ESO are available at .
PhD topic: Commercialisation of Science and Technology utilising Open Innovation strategies.

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I have already joined the doctoral program in computer and information technology at UoP, could you please send me latest PhD topics in the field of AI, ANN, Cryptography and Network Security? Also your guidance for narrow-down in the area of interest will be appreciated.

PhD topic: Virtual brand communities: role of ewom in brand loyalty and brand tribalism.

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This page lists possible PhD topics suggested by members of staff in ILCC. These topics are meant to give PhD applicants an idea of the scope of the work in the Institute.

PhD topic: Sorting Goods from Bads: How Actors Collaborate in Marketing Green Chemistry.

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I am so confused and frustated these days since i've just come to know that what i am doing is already done by someone else. I have been doing my PhD for 17 months and i should complete this PhD for 36 months (because my scholarship will be finishing). I was so fool that i didn't notice that someone else also doing the same thing with me. Is someone having any experience or suggestion related with change the PhD topic on these very late time. And how can i tell my supervisor about it (I already can imagine his anger to me).