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Oftentimes academic institutions collaborate with business companies to provide innovative solutions or products. Research results are very interesting for companies that want to develop a novel technology or release a new design. Switzerland, as a phone is a financial heaven for start-ups. Many ideas emerge from university laboratories and PhD thesis work. With a sustainable growth such start-ups can attract as much as tens of millions of Swiss francs as financial sponsorship from companies and/or SNSF.

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The first year of the program combines both medical and graduate school classes. Students then typically begin their PhD thesis research work and return to the second year of medical school after a successful defense. This structure ensures a focused, intensive research experience and preserves the continuity of clinical training. On average, MSTP trainees complete both degrees in eight years.

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he PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology is a structured, 4-year programme, with the first year consisting of laboratory rotations and coursework. The curriculum of the Programme is designed to challenge students in their pursuit of knowledge, by educating each Scholar in a broad range of topics relevant to cancer biology, from fundamental biological principles to current clinical applications. Through completion of the Year 1 coursework, we aim for each Scholar to develop a strong appreciation experimental design, scientific enquiry, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, prior to beginning their PhD thesis work. In Years 2 – 4, the focus shifts to dissertation research, and the award of the PhD is based solely on the PhD thesis and examination.Jacob Temme finished his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and completed his PhD thesis working on a GE Aviation funded study of Lean Premixed Prevaporized gas turbine combustors. His research interests include using PIV and PLIF to understand the complex flow field and mixing patterns that lead to the low NOx levels of LPP devices. He took high speed images of flame motions during an acoustic instability that is called engine growl. His work is identifying the physical processes that cause growl, and to provide measurements to improve future CFD models of engine combustion instabilities. He accepted a Post-doctoral research position at the University of Michigan.
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Many ideas emerge from university laboratories and PhD thesis work

Al did his undergraduate work at California Institute of Technology and was awarded the FXB Fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he completed his PhD thesis work in 2000. After a post doc appointment at Cal Tech, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa. His interests are: flame front dynamics; impact of fuel mixing on combustion instabilities; combustion of bio-derived fuels; droplet and spray dynamics, laser diagnostics; reacting and unsteady flows; combustion instability; reaction layer dynamics; high speed imaging.

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MSTP students take graduate courses and perform their PhD thesis work under the umbrella of the ISTP. This novel, highly adaptable program allows students full access to the superb graduate programs within the , the , and the . The ISTP allows students to pursue training in one field or to craft a unique course of study that integrates two classical disciplines. Examples of the latter include computational biology and human genetics, structural biology and immunology, or developmental biology and microbiology. Such integrations reflect the evolution of biomedical research in which several disciplines are brought to bear on important questions in human disease.

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