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One of the main tutor-web proponents, Dr Anna Helga Jonsdottir, defended her PhD thesis on April 17, 2015. The work underlying the thesis was largely based on experiments using the tutor-web.

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:  defended his PhD thesis on

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Dr Zarzosa Valdivia Fernando's PhD Thesis presentation

My examiners probably saw that I was distressed and worried about the viva! They firstly announced their decision (Resubmission for a PhD), congratulated me for producing such a detailed and extensive PhD and the moved onto discussions about reducing this thesis down to a specific area (my original thesis covered multiple areas). Most of the viva focused on ways to narrow down the thesis topic, my thoughts about specific findings and my reflections. They also asked if I was willing to submit for a PhD and if I was able to reduce the thesis within a year. I responded with a definite yes and discussed through my ideas for the next reduced draft.

:  defended his PhD thesis on "Algorithm for Recommendation Systems and Aggregation".
:  defended his PhD thesis on "Online Social Networks: Evaluation and Search".

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:  defended his PhD thesis on "Differential fault Analysis of Block Ciphers".

A PhD thesis on the tutor-web — Tutorweb info

:  defended his PhD thesis on "Geometric algorithms for coverage in wireless sensor networks".

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