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In the following, I list some of the items that ought to appear in your paper critiques. However, it is up to you to add to these elements anything you deem useful, interesting, or fun.

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Some of the course meeting times will be reserved for discussing papers relevant to the lecture material. We will discuss two papers in one meeting time. The papers are available through the Cornell library, and electronic versions will also be posted on the course website. All registered students, formal listeners, and informal listeners are expected to carefully read assigned papers and come to class prepared to discuss each paper's strengths, weakness, and directions for future work. Reading guides will be posted on the course website to help focus the student's time on the most relevant portions of each paper. The reading guides will often include a related paper and will note whether students are expected to briefly skim or read in detail this related work. In addition, students are required to prepare several short paper critiques and one long paper critique as described below.

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An important component of coursework is writing short, 1 page critiques of each reading. Each paper critique must be separately posted to Moodle at least one workday (minimally 24 hours) before the class in which the paper will be discussed and be visible to all enrolled students. The students will peer assess each other's critiques. This module has no exam.

Further assessment details can be found from the course Moodle page.