The topic for the 2015-16 Optimist Essay Contest is:

WESTON — The Everest Area Optimist Club is encouraging local students to contemplate the phrase “Optimism Should be a Priority” as part of the Optimist International Essay Contest for 2015.

Everest Optimists sponsor essay contest for local students

Optimist International Essay Contest

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Although dark images appear frequently in these essays, threads of insight and joy are stitched in as well. Moore returns briefly to her original intention in "The Happy Basket," a sort of gratitude-journal-in-wicker experiment where she collects notes about what she's doing when she feels happy: "Fresh crab ... Frank and I held hands in bed last night ... A patch of sun and a glass of wine after work." Near the end of the book, an optimistic essay about the abundant life rising from the ashes of the Mount St. Helens eruption reminds us that nature will use the tiniest crack in a rock or patch of scorched ground as a place to start over. Moore posits that "destruction, creation, catastrophe, renewal, sorrow, and joy are merely human ways of seeing" natural events. Ultimately, she says, only change is real. While this is certainly not a new idea, her descriptions of insects under rocks, of snowflakes and fog, of water and tree branches show us fresh ways to value often-unwelcome changes.

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Earlier I wrote an essay on which outlined various changes and posed questions about what they meant. In this new essay, I propose answers for some of those questions. This is a somewhat optimistic essay, but I’m not saying this is a certain outcome by any means.

In this humorous, touching, and ultimately optimistic essay, the author introduces us to the unfamiliar “country” of old age.
The Wausau Noon Optimist Club is encouraging local students to write about the phrase "Lead by Example: Reality or Fiction" as part of the 2016 Optimist International Essay Contest. The topic for the 2015-16 Optimist Essay Contest is:
To enter the contest, please complete and submit the following application to the District Essay Contest Chair who will assign you to a Club Contest near your community.

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The Everest Area Optimist Club has been participating in the Optimist Essay Contest for many years and meets at noon Thursdays at the Wausau Country Club. Visitors are always welcome.You have written an intelligent, realistic yet optimistic essay providing an overview of the possible futures we can experience in the next decades. I find everything you have written realistic and reasonable, but I wish I had your faith in governments, institutions and organisations to steer our future. All these are governed by human beings who could be either wonderfully altruistic and creative, or selfish and stupid, depending on internal politics. If someone were to invent a perfect solution to the energy question, will not the countries and governments benefiting from oil economy oppose its implementation, because it will decimate their wealth and power?
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The Optimist International Essay Contest is divided into two levels of competition: Club and District. Contestants must compose an original essay with limited guidance from others. Webster's dictionary defines and essay as an analytic or interpretative literary composition. Works of fiction or poetry will not be accepted.

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In 1930, when the world was "suffering from a bad attack of economic pessimism," John Maynard Keynes wrote a broadly optimistic essay, "Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren." It imagined a middle way between revolution and stagnation that would leave the said grandchildren a great deal richer than their grandparents. But the path was not without dangers.

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The contest is open to students under age 18 as of October 1, 2015 who have not yet graduated from High School or the equivalent. Contestants are eligible for only one Club's contest during any given year. No student who has previously won and Optimist Essay contest scholarship will be eligible to compete at any level of the competition again. The Meridian Optimist Club awards the first three places with cash awards.