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“Each year with The Wattys, we celebrate our community and recognize the stories that have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world,” said Allen Lau, Wattpad CEO and co-founder. “We launched The Wattys in 2010 as a small writing contest. Today, it has grown into the world’s largest online writing contest, and it brings the entire Wattpad community together in celebration.”

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‘New York! The story I wrote in a day? The online writing contest I won, remember? The prize?’

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The Arthur J. Turner Jr. Scholarship Foundation's Online Writing Contest is for 3rd - 8th grade students. Each month we will provide students with the first line for their 200 word essay. There are no requirements for type of story, setting, or characters. Students are free to be creative in developing their unique story as long as it adheres to all contest . All who enter have a chance to win. Winning entries will be posted on the Arthur J. Turner Jr. Scholarship website.

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Renata Villers is founder and Executive Director of Amigos del Aprendizaje, a leading NGO dedicated to improving the quality of public education in Latin America. ADA seeks to transform the way children learn to read and write, to support their active participation in the knowledge society. To achieve its mission: ADA improves teacher professional development through its online courses serving over 400 teachers a year; promotes creative writing through its sponsorship of a national online writing contest that culminates in the publication of a collection of winning stories as a free iTunes app; and facilitates informed dialogue in Latin America through convening ProLEER (the Professional Learning network for Early Education Reform), that meets annually at Harvard University, to strengthen educational policy and practice across participating countries. Since 2000, Renata is responsible for strategy, collaborations development and fundraising at ADA. She is a member of the advisory committee of the State of Education Program in Costa Rica; on the education committee of Youth for a Developed Costa Rica, and founding member of the Steering Committee that runs ProLEER. Prior to founding ADA, Renata was an international consultant in strategic planning, project management, and collaborations development. She is a graduate of Harvard University, in economics, and holds an MBA from the Columbia Business School. Renata is a resident of Costa Rica since 1991, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She is a Fellow of the second class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

We have put our online writing contest on hold until further notice. Past winning entries are posted at the CCF Contest Entries pages.
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For several years now, I’ve been participating in an online writing contest called that is the creative equivalent of the Olympics plus the Iditarod. While I’ve never placed higher than 5th in the competition (and that on my first year competing), I have made countless connections with wonderfully talented, creative and generous writers. I would also say that some of my best work from the past several years has come from responding to the LJ Idol prompts.

Scholarship Foundation's Online Writing Contest is for 3rd - 8th grade students

Inkonomics 2014: Online Writing Contest for High School Students

An online writing contest had never been staged at the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC)

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