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There's a difference between online classes and online programs. I've taken online classes at my local community colleges and am enrolled in an online bachelor of science program at a university. For the B.S. program they require us to go to testing centers for exams while most of my online community college classes did not require this, so I suggest you revise your article to include this. I think it is ridiculous how many people assume that just because a class or degree program is online that everyone in cheats their way through. As well, the majority of people in my online B.S. program are extremely motivated, much more so than those pursuing the same degree at my local university "traditionally." Those in the traditional program are generally younger, not working, and have few responsibilities while those in my online program are juggling school, work, children, and more. For your comment about memorizing, my online program is very much about application of the subject matter. I've been in many more classes "traditionally" that required memorization and I believe this factor varies by teacher preference and class requirements and is not dependent on whether or not the class is online. For my online statistics class I still have to memorize the same formulas as "traditional" students and take my exams on campus.

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Welcome to Online Statistics Class at KCC (Math 130-90)

After a full day at the Oakland Military Institute, a charter school he travels across the city to attend, Sandoval returns home, has dinner and delves into an online statistics class, watching the videos and doing the exercises at his dining room table.

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The School of Social Work offers an online statistics class (SOWK 469) every spring quarter

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(new online statistics class, new online journal club, several hybrid courses)

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