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So where does that leave us with OER? One of the things that struck meat the conference I participated in, at Utah State University, was that veryfew of the attendees were from faculties of education. Furthermore, Iwas quite frustrated by the quality of many of the presentations from ascholarly perspective. I promised my good friend Haishuo Lee during theconference that I would rip his presentation to pieces, so I will usethat as an example here (with his permission). Haishuo’s university inTaiwan put video recordings of math classes online, and designed asummer course around this - so that incoming students who were admittedin spring could follow these math classes online during summer, take anexam, and if they passed, receive credit and not have to take this classagain in fall.

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You said you are almost done with your courses but if you are dedicated to learn more, the good thing is you can find many great math classes online on sites like coursera. I suggest you get into those. Honestly, I think nobody in computer science ever said "I wish I had taken less math classes". It will open many doors to more advanced and exciting concepts that otherwise will be hard to study.

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1) It can be more difficult, especially if it is a difficult subject. I've always been told not to take psychology classes and science and math classes online if you can help it. Of course, it also depends on what you are good at.

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The STEM Preparation Program is designed for students at two-year colleges in Arkansas who are interested in a degree in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). If you are enrolled at an Arkansas community college, this program will allow you to take University of Arkansas science, engineering and math classes online. Classes will be taught by University of Arkansas professors and offered at the same price as tuition at your two-year college. The University of Arkansas will begin offering classes through this program in the spring of 2014. I think if you take a bunch of math classes online, it will just wear you out and be demoralizing. Just focus on the degree program and the next step to get you there and then get you through. Don’t add extra work for yourself.If you have had a poor experience with taking math for college in the past, you can , and the confidence you’ve lost, by taking college math classes online this summer. There’s no reason to belly flop in the “remedial math" class pool, when you can dive into math online.Agreed, but there will be jobs for tutors ala Mr. Chips. I can envision brushing up o some very high level math classes online, and receiving some help from a $10/hour tutor in India via skype. Anyone aware of online third world tutors.
I think if you take a bunch of math classes online, it will just wear you out and be demoralizing

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“Some people may be very comfortable with taking something like math classes online, but may want to take history or some other subjects in person,” Otte said. “This program allows students to mix and match what fits their needs the best.”

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While at Sierra Vista, Abundis completed advanced math classes online including both Algebra 2 and math analysis. She will be one of Sierra Vista’s graduation speakers this year and graduated with a 3.4 GPA. Abundis is planning to attend California State University, Fullerton in the fall and major in psychology. She thanked her teachers and her mother for their unconditional love, support and motivation.

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Rees said she considers some of CREDO's research methods experimental, but will not join in the criticism of t that kids in Ohio online schools learn more than two months less of material in a school year than do kids in traditional schools and almost nothing at all in their math classes online.