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Whilst you may engage someone with the appropriate skills and experience to manage your IT Project, it is worthwhile understanding some of the basic concepts for yourself. This will give you an appreciation of what your Project Manager is trying to achieve and a grasp of the kind of information that should flow through to you as the project sponsor or owner. By organising major work and the tasks that go with that work into a project, it can better assist in planning and monitoring of the project and its progress. This will also aid in the control and review of those activities that go towards achieving the desired outcome.

6 Secrets to Managing IT Projects

The One-Page Project Manager for It Projects

ICAPMG603A - Manage IT project planning (Release 1)

Managing to a budget begins with planning a solid budget. This course teaches the basic skills, tools and techniques for IT project budgeting. Learn the essential skills for planning and managing IT project budgets.

How CFOs Should Manage IT Project Risk

Traditional project management, as it's used in construction or manufacturing, deals with solid, tangible elements. Managing an IT project is like juggling chunks of Jell-O: It's neither easy nor pretty.

ICAPMG602A - Manage IT project initiation (Release 1)
Managing multiple IT projects within the enterprise can be a daunting task. It’s stressful and takes someone special to even begin managing a project portfolio. In fact, many project managers say that they would gladly scale back to only one or two projects vs. managing multiple projects. The reason is simple. Managing multiple projects is not suited for all. Experience counts! When looking at the single-project concept, the roles and responsibilities prove themselves substantially simpler than for larger projects. However, the larger the project, the more coordination and tracking are needed to ensure that project deliverables are met. You’ll undoubtedly have on average three to five team members on each project. If you have five projects going at once, you will have to manage 15–25 team members. This doesn’t even include the interaction between you and the client. The challenges here include:
ICAPM604A – Manage IT project delivery

ICAPM605A – Manage IT project closure

This course provides non-financial professionals with the skills, techniques and tools needed to effectively plan and manage IT project budgets. Building upon the high-level understanding of budgeting developed in the Budgeting Basics course, participant’s learn how to:

This programme will be of value if you: Manage IT project teams, or project streams

Manage IT Project and Your SMB Using Viewpath

Clark A. Campbell, author of a best-selling book on project management, has written a project management guide specifically for IT professionals who want to save time and work more efficiently. The One Page Project Manager for IT Projects:Communicate and Manage Any Project With A Single Sheet of Paper presents you with a winning formula for managing your complex IT projects using minimal resources. Coverage of vital topics like working with outside consultants, ERP project management, and ISO 9000 will be of special interest to IT managers and CIOs.

How to manage IT project risks through project management processes

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A high percentage of IT projects at banks fail to deliver their target benefits. In fact, a large portion of these projects actually destroy value. We estimate that banks waste as much as $10 billion per annum on failed IT investments in Asia Pacific alone, with similar figures in Europe and North America. We believe that many banks lack the critical tools required to oversee and to manage IT project portfolios. Oliver Wyman’s perspective, Effective Project Portfolio Governance, takes a look at how banks can gain control of their project portfolios by examining five key ingredients to prevent senior managers from ‘flying blind’.