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Make your voice heard. Write a short letter sharing your questions or concerns with your elected officials. (For letter writing help, including names and addresses, see the .) Our government leaders need to know that we've been watching the effects of hydrofracking and intensive un-natural gas production in other states, and that we can't let that happen here.

Recommendation Letter Writing Help

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Recommendation letter writing help

Since I first posted letter writing tips and samples on this website more than a decade ago, millions of unique visitors have come to this site looking for help with their day-to-day writing needs.

Standard web hosting statistics have allowed me to study the preferences and patterns of those visitors as they have clicked around to the various pages on the website. So, the site has been a great "research and development lab" for me to see what people are REALLY looking for when it comes to their writing information needs. Not always what you might guess.

It turns out that the majority (about 60%) of those visitors have been looking for letter writing help of one kind or another.

By studying the clickthrough patterns of those visitors, I have been able to gain a very good understanding of the entire subject of "letter writing needs" in the sense of practical day-to-day letter writing requirements of the typical visitor to my website.

Based on what I have learned from my visitors over the years, there are two broad categories of letters: business letters and personal letters. Each one of these groups can be further divided into several additional sub-categories.

The links below will take you to the two major letter categories where you will find links to real-life sample letter templates for each one.

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If you spend some time online looking around for letter writing help you will no doubt come across certain software programs that claim to "automatically generate" various types of letters.

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