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These days, the expectation for publishing research papers has increased significantly in academia, in professional communities, and in science and technology disciplines worldwide. In scientific fields (especially in academia), both graduate students and faculty are expected to publish the results of their research work in journals and conference proceedings. Publication of research or journal papers has also become a key measure for tenure and promotion assessments. In fact, U.S. News, Gallop, and other external organizations often consider publications as a critical metric in their analysis and ranking of programs and institutions. Unfortunately, despite the widespread standard of writing and publishing research papers, most Universities don’t offer any formal training or mentorship on how to write effective papers. The lack of guidance and resources has made it difficult, and at times frustrating, for graduate students and young researchers to properly organize and structure their papers for acceptance into publications. Whether you are a graduate student, conducting research, working towards a tenure, or you would like to advance your professional career in science, technology or academia, you will find this course greatly helpful. You will no longer have to struggle or spend countless hours figuring out how to start your research paper, only to have it turn out not as good as you hoped. If you are a beginner, you can simply follow along with the easy steps outlining each section of your paper; even if you are more experienced, you may be surprised at how much you can improve your research writing technique from the strategies and examples presented in the course videos. This “Writing Research Papers: How to Write Research Paper Effectively” course will provide you with the valuable research guidance from a scholar with over 28 years of experience in research and teaching in higher education. Dr. Mohammad Noori has published over 200 technical and professional papers and currently serves as the technical editor, associate editor and a member of the editorial board of several prestigious journals. Take this Writing Research Papers course now and learn how to write research paper effectively.

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