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Early literacy development is closely tied to the specifics of young children's relationships and activities. To these relationships and activities, children bring their curiosity, their interest in communicating and interacting with others, and their inclination to be a part of family and community life. They also bring their desire to use and control materials and tools that they perceive as important to the people around them—their urge to "do it myself." And they bring their willingness to seek help from more proficient writers and readers. When they interact with more competent writers and readers, children serve as "spontaneous apprentices" (in George Miller's phrase), learning about written language and how to use and control it for a range of purposes.

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Great tips. I always want to learn about writing in English since it’s my second language. This tips gives me idea where to start as well as motivate me to start writing.

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I say don’t give up on college! In addition to all the things you’ll learn about writing, it will enrich you as a human being. Stick with it; you’ll be glad you did

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Yes, Elizabethtown College students learn about writing in a variety of classes, but under the guidance of Writing Wing tutors, who are friendly and trained, fledgling student writers learn to soar. Many Writing Wing tutors are education or English majors, but there are also some from other majors.English 402 invites a small group of students (20 or fewer) to learn about writing center and composition theory, practice skills for supporting writers as peer writing coaches, and examine their own writing styles and histories. Students who do well in the class will be qualified to apply to serve as coaches in the UNC Writing Center.To learn more about The Writing Wing, feel free to explore our Website or to stop by and see us, either for an appointment or just to say hi and to check out our digs in the Baugher Student Center, second floor, in Learning ServicesAt the writing center, our focus is helping you become a better writer. Because of that, we do not proofread or edit students' papers. Instead, we will work with you to help you learn about writing, discover areas in which your writing can improve, and learn about how to resolve issues in your writing.
I always want to learn about writing in English since it's my second language

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On the road to becoming readers and writers, young children need many opportunities to hear and understand spoken language. This helps them become aware of the different sounds of language. They also need to learn about print—letters and words seen in books and all around them at home and in their community. Young children need writing to help them learn about reading, and reading to help them learn about writing. However, they need to talk and listen before learning about both!

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English 402 will be useful for aspiring peer coaches, teachers, and writers. The one-on-one teaching skills you will learn about and practice may also be useful to students who are interested in advising, mentoring, or counseling. Note that there will be an emphasis on academic writing, though learning about the writing process will also be helpful for creative writers.

In addition to all the things you'll learn about writing, it will enrich you as a human being

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7. We might decide to learn about writing and ourselves as writers for reasons totally unrelated to the fact that lawyers are expected to write and to write competently (if not well). Lawyers are persons and writers before they are lawyers. By attending to what comes first, we may be better at what comes later.