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: This add-on to the Microsoft Office suite enables users to add questions, polls, video and more to create more interactive Powerpoint presentations. You can easily screencast your presentations with flexible narration and video features. The platform should work as well for student presentations as professional presentations and flipped instruction. And, because it capitalizes on everyone’s familiarity with and the robust presentation features of the Powerpoint platform, this is likely to be a very easy sell in professional development and with classroom teachers. Note: is not yet available for Mac. Also note: presents yet another interactive report/presentation/storytelling option, based on a modern, media-rich canvas rather than slides.

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Through interactive PowerPoint presentations, the students get to test their knowledge in light of a high-stakes examination. Some students know the material when asked in class, but they find it difficult to access it when they are in a real situation. So, this interactive case method tries to split the middle by allowing students to make decisions with consequences based on their decisions. With instant feedback in the form of short videos or detailed descriptions, good recommendations are reinforced, wrong choices are corrected, and important concepts are explained.

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Perkolate of Las Vegas creates powerful animated and interactive Powerpoint presentations that captivate your audience. We can incorporate eye-catching graphics and templates that will make you stand out from your competition. We serve up Powerpoint presentations with color, style, automation, video, sound effects and more.

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Most PowerPoint presentations are linear, and at worst presenters simply march through slides with little real interaction with the audience. An interactive PowerPoint presentation can involve the audience, more accurately address the audience’s interests, and allow the audience to raise objections and have these addressed.As someone who both watches and gives presentations as part of my daily business, I've always marveled at the fact that there are way fewer people doing interactive PowerPoint presentations than there are doing Excel pivot tables.Use hyperlinks. Typically, a presentation will be delivered from the first slide to the last slide in a linear fashion. An interactive PowerPoint presentation allows flexibility – slides can be presented in any order, without having to exit show mode, find the next slide, and then hit F5. The best way to create flexibility in presentation structure is to create index slides – for different products, services, features, or benefits. Hyperlink from each item to a sequence of slides, and end the section with a hyperlinked repeat of the index slide.However, from a sales standpoint, whenever an interactive presentation is developed to introduce this new equipment to the potential buyer and let them use it, that individual has the opportunity through the use of interactivity to see how well it will solve their problem. The effectiveness of using interactive PowerPoint presentations compared to standard ones cannot be emphasized enough. Users who want to see the benefits of using interactive presentation software must that is available here at the website.
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Our websites are more than just a billboard on the Web. They are interactive websites. For example, we can provide you with interactive calendars, chat rooms, contact databases, electronic storefronts, etc. Wolf Multimedia's interactive PowerPoint presentations are made according to your needs. Multimedia CD-Roms are made so you can showcase your company's marketing materials in a professional manner.

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ActiveX controls allow you to set up truly interactive PowerPoint presentations. The viewer can type responses or check the box with the correct answer or select the button that corresponds to his or her choice. Although ActiveX controls take a little more time to set up initially, the end result is impressive and useful.

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These types of PowerPoint presentations are intended to engage and spark discussion amongst an audience. They are specifically designed to ask questions as well; many slides in an interactive PowerPoint presentation lead people through specific Q and A’s that better than understanding of a topic or subject matter.