Example of an impossible math problem?

In a study, Stigler asked first-grade students to solve an impossible math problem to see how long they’d struggle with it. In the U.S., the average was less than 30 seconds. The Japanese students worked for an hour, until researchers told them to stop.

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Impossible math problem..no man has ever solved it

Quotations she lives by fill a bulletin board in her classroom. One reads, “Life has no limitations except the ones you make.” Students threatening to give up on a seemingly impossible math problem are directed to look at the board. Gannon herself finds the word “handicap” limiting for someone who dreams so big.

Example of an impossible math problem? | Yahoo Answers

Look like the smartest guy in the room wearing this impossible math problem t-shirt. The featured theorem was first posed in 1742, and has yet to be verified or disproven.

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The issuance of credits into the Bitcoin ledger is done through (in finance terms) an issuance transaction. The Bitcoin protocol refers to this as a "coinbase". All issuance transactions are generated by "miners" (transaction processors) who are taking guesses at solving an impossible math problem. The winner who publishes the correct guess to the problem is given authority by the rest of the network to write this "coinbase" transaction into the ledger. Since it has no inputs (no sending account) it is this transaction that is the creation of credits in the ledger, and is an exception from all other transactions which must have inputs and signatures.

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Lynch has said he’s satisfied — for now — with entrusting that to Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico, while he and his team focus on what Goldfield described as “an impossible math problem” on the brink of being solved.

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