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Installation day came. Josh and Alex came to install, Justin, the project manager, was not with them. They were nice, not very professional, but nice. From a far they seemed to do a good job taking out our old windows and putting the new ones in. They came at 8am and were finished at 6:30pm. The project manager did not make an appearance the entire day (how do you manage a project when you aren't there?). As Josh and I walked around the house to look at the installation, there was so many things wrong. Overall, they were incredibly sloppy. Their caulking was poorly done, tons of it with huge globs everywhere and didn't caulk some places they should have. Josh showed me the outside front sill and said he tried to make it straight but this was the best he could do (very obviously crooked) since there was rotten wood under there. In order to fix it he'd have to replace the wood under there and he didn't have any wood so he'd have to come back. I pointed out all the sloppy caulking and he admitted it was sloppy. He also left some of the stickers on the windows or tried to rip some of them off and left the half ripped sticker on. There were also huge greasy arm and body marks left on the outside of our new $6,000 windows. He left off a piece of plastic on the inside side of one window (which my husband found in our gutter a month later) and the basement window was off track. He got caulk on our ceiling in the basement. All of these things COULD have been recognized and corrected IF the project manager Justin had been around to oversee Josh and Alex. Josh calls the project manager and tells him, in front of me, that he has a lot of things he needs to come back and fix. I give the check to Josh and he then pays out Alex in cash right in front of me. Alex is meanwhile constantly spitting in my grass while we are talking. After they drove away, I looked on the sidewalk and street in front of my house where they had parked and saw about 15 cigarette butts that I then had to pick up. After they left I looked around and noticed they left trash in our bushes, on our lawn, on our roof, everywhere! They cleaned up the big stuff but most of the little things were lying around. Which I then had to clean up as well.

How Do You Manage Your Projects

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I'm sick of being lost when I see a .make file and having no idea what I'm supposed to do with a folder full of source files. People can't be compiling them one by one using the console and then linking them one by one. You'd spend more time typing file names than code. So what are the automation and productivity tools of the non-IDE user? How do you manage a project when you're writing all the code in emacs or vim or nano or whatever?

How do you manage a project on-site

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So how do you manage a project that is at this massive scale, in both space and time?

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