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The extracurricular resume provides colleges with a list of activities performed outside of the classroom setting. The activities listed should include involvement in your parish, community, summer athletic programs, and/or part-time employment, etc. Only include activities where you have significant involvement. Student will be completing this in their English classes, and resumes should be uploaded into the Naviance/Family Connections website.

Sample Resumes/Links to help write a resume:

What do you think about hiring someone to help write a resume

The title seems a little cheesy but this really is a great book to help write a resume..

Sample Resumes/Links to help write a resume:

Seek help from women's shelters & homes for abused women. They can be found in your phone book. Many of these organizations help women get out of situations like yours & make a new life. They help teach skills (computer, etc), help write a resume, help with financial needs, & sometimes provide a place to stay (completely anonymously). Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be beaten to a pulp to be considered abused. Call one near you. Get help. Churches are GREAT places to start! Once you are on your own, you'll find a whole new you. One that you can be proud of, & one where others will be proud for you! If you need any help with this, drop a note on the message board. You need to change things in your life. This isn't healthy. Good luck & God bless!

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These sites can be used to help write a resume, prepare for an interview, and much more

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Is this all the state does.
Today I went with my son for the first meeting at vocational rehabilitation since he is not good at communicating and I wanted to make sure of a few things. 1.) They help write a resume. 2.) They will do role playing and try to prepare him for interviews. 3.) To give them them a good look-over for myself
There was only one girl there and she was very young and she mainly wanted to know what the problems were with him. I also got to hear about her husband's construction company had no more jobs after a road job. Times are tough - and her boss who I think was suppose to be there and could really help with the resume was not there, so they would give my son a call and have him return back to tomorrow - 30 minute trip.

Each library location has an abundance of books to help write a resume. On our public use computers, there are also templates to be used to create resumes.

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