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The format for your laboratory reports describedbelow is a modification of the format required for all papers submittedto the American Psychological Association (APA) journals. You may havebecome acquainted with this format from Psychology 325 and 426. Note thatthis format is different, and where the two systems differ, this formatis to be followed for your reports.

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Appendix C. Format for Laboratory Reports

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We will be using a format for the lab reports which is similar (but modified) to formats for scientific papers. That is, you must include an abstract, introduction, materials and methods section, results section, discussion, and literature citations. Your grade on the reports will depend on completeness, scientific accuracy and insight, organization, and writing skills. We will discuss this more in lab. We expect lab reports to be prepared using modern word-processing programs.

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Modified template provided with more direction, less words, fill in the blank format for lab report

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The lab report or the scientific paper is the vehicle ..