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Remember that the purpose of a CV and covering letter is to clearly connect your qualifications, skills, experience and expertise to the job and employer you are applying to. This means that a fresh version of your CV and covering letter should be developed for each position applied to. At times, this may mean virtually no revision of the original, may lead to major rewrite with emphasis on different skills, experience and expertise or even the development of a different type of CV e.g. moving from a chronological CV to a skills-based CV (you will find examples of different CV types on the links provided in this section of the website).


The following are two examples of CV Templates that contain some designs and colours:

Examples of CV's (in Finnish)

Many CV writing companies deliberately avoid giving examples of their CVs on their website. Similarly, the vast majority of CV writing companies do not divulge their CV writing methods. This may well be because their methods are lacking and their CVs are inferior quality. Almost certainly, if they had CVs worth showing they would display these on their website. The fact that they do not is spurious at the very least.

Where can I find examples of CV's

Here is an example of a CV to use when an employer has specifically requested a single page application
-- it contains many examples of CV's done in both classic and modernCV styles. Both pdf and tex files are in the directory.

Examples Of Cv S Sheffield Futures

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