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To start creating your ethical dilemma MBA essay, make an outline with three paragraphs. First would be your introduction that gives them an insight of what you’re discussing. Next, the body, it would be the part where you get to provide them everything that they need to know about your topic.

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Although we may not have called them that. In philosophy and psychology courses, sometime they are also known as ethical paradoxes. By way of a simple definition, a situation involves two conflicting moral principles. To follow one means that a person is violating the other. These types of situations often become the topics of ethical dilemma essay assignments.

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In psychology classes particularly, the personal ethical dilemma essay is a common assignment, and students are asked to form an opinion on which option to choose, even though both will violate some moral standard, either societal or person. Here are some ethical dilemma questions that are common topics for such essays:

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