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"These are just two examples of how the Internet has fundamentally inverted some relationships," said Elmer, editor of Critical Perspectives on the Internet, a recent volume of essays on the Internet's history and evolution. "By harnessing both the technology and pervasiveness of the Internet, groups and individuals outside the mainstream have been able, at least temporarily, to turn social, political and economic establishments on their heads."

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* , a web site based in the Netherlands with an index of links to essays on the Internet that deal with contemporary issues, includes at least four links to Transparency.

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The Internet allows people to communicate and attain knowledge from other people no matter their geographical location. The Internet allows people to express their views even if there in a country where freedom of speech is not a right they have. Although the Internet has it's pros it also comes with many cons; inappropriate text and pictures are readily available on the Internet and is a growing business for the Internet. The pornography business on the Internet is the largest and fastest growing part of E-Commerce. The development of E-commerce's made an impact on the world, stock prices soared as well as CEO's of major dot-com companies bank accounts. In 1998 in Silicon Valley there was an estimated 50 new millionaires a day. The most popular features of the Internet include electronic mail, discussion, on-line conversations, adventure and role-playing games, information retrieval, and electronic commerce are all the good things the Internet provides Internet users with.Grading essays on the Internet? Without knowing the kid (or even seeing him)? I, of course, thanked him but rejected the offer (as I hope any English teacher would). What makes this particularly frightening and discouraging is that the offer came from a major college which (presumably) thinks that anonymous essays can be graded by a disembodied corrector miles away.
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There are a lot of quotations and essays on the internet that are attributed to "George Carlin".Some of these he really did say. But many of them, he never said. They're other people'swords (essays, joke lists, rants, 'inspirational' quotes, etc.) which have been falsely attributed to Carlin.

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During this period beginning in 2003, I began placing or posting essays on the internet. Although such pieces could be considered unpublished, I considered these postings as published pieces and some of them are included in this file.

During this period beginning in 2003, I began placing or posting essays on the internet

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Although, your personal information should be concealed from the internet, it is not the most dangerous thing out there. Young children should be monitored at all times when accessing the internet. AOL is a good internet service to have with young children. AOL offers many parent control options to ensure that your child does not view items on the internet less than appropriate for them. AOL offers four different access privileges for every different age group. The four ages groups are kids, young teens, mature teens, and adults. If you choose the kids plan then your child can not instant message anyone on the internet or enter chat rooms. They are also limited to what web sites that they can view. The young teens group sometimes allows chat and limits the web sites allowed to be viewed. They are also not allowed to enter chat rooms. The mature teens group allows the person to send instant messages to people and to enter chat rooms. They can view most web pages except the ones excluded by the parent. They are also not allowed to accept files from other people online to ensure that viruses or trojans can not be placed on your computer. The adult group has no access privileges to any web site. They can also chat in chat rooms and send instant messages. They are also allowed to send and receive files from other people online.