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You may finish with a summary of the main points. Yet, you can say a few words about the future of GE.

You can also find useful details in our articles about essays on DNA and a .

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More than 30 years ago, scientists started working on new technologies called genetic engineering. From the very first days, GE was considered an important breakthrough in science, medicine, agriculture. And from the very first days, this technology had its advocates and opponents.

Debates around GE continue till the present days. And this is what actually will be the main subject of your essay on genetic engineering. You need to have your say about GE and its role in the modern world.

Hope you have already done some research for your essay on genetic engineering. Most likely, you have come across heaps of sources and materials, since it is a very popular topic.

The problem you have now is that you cannot decide what to do with this info and how to organize your essay on genetic engineering. Well, first you need to decide on the central idea of the essay on genetic engineering and then start selecting relevant materials.

We would like to present you a possible plan for writing excellent papers on genetic engineering.

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Think how to start your paper on genetic engineering in a captivating way. It seems that several historical facts about GE can perfectly suit. For instance, tell about the 1975 conference at the Asilomar Center, California where the destiny of GE was actually decided.

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Now, pass to the main idea of your paper. Be careful when choosing a topic idea, better select a more narrowed issue. Here are several examples for you:
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Genetic engineering is one of the most controversial topics that are frequently discussed these days. All this seems to be a bit boring. Still, the progress cannot be stopped, and genetic engineering penetrates in our life more and more.

No matter whether you consider this topic dull or not, writing an essay on genetic engineering is your task. Let us think together how you can complete it. Here are several ideas that can be developed in papers on genetic engineering.

The basics of genetic engineering

You are not confident of your background knowledge of the problem. You are not even sure whether you want to write this paper. Well, the essay on genetic engineering devoted to this topic will not take much time. You just have to:

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