an essay Essay On Cell Phones In School to persuade the school

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an essay to Essay On Cell Phones In School persuade the school

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Essay On Cell Phones In School
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The world as we know it has become technology depended on a hand held device called the cellular phone. Martin Cooper was the person who invented the first handheld cellular device in April, 1973. Ever since, the cellular device now commonly known as a cell phone has taken off to a level no one knew it could reach. Today, cell phones have grown to be a new way of everyday life. Additionally, cell phone usage has fallen into the number one category on the charts in the area of mobile communication and/or social interaction as it has multiple uses such as text messaging and surfing the internet. Cell phone conversations take place in public places causing people to interact whether it is for business or pleasure therefore maintaining the balance of social support (Khattab, 2009). However, questions have also been raised as to whether it is proper behavior depending on where a cell phone is being used (Khattab, 2009). Not only are people highly depended on it, but it has also become a fashion or fad capturing the attention of our younger generation beginning anywhere from an age as young as 8 years old. “Text messaging on cell phones has become the main form of social contact for coordinating activities and engaging in self-expression for our adolescents” (Khattab, 2009). It is obvious that this type of mobile communication has become a social outlet for people of all ages. However, as technology continues to advance, what will be the new...

essay on cell phones

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