She is at work on a collection of essays about feminism.

CAPITAL: For The Essential Ellen Willis, you asked other young writers and reporters to write introductions to the various chapters. Why do you think your mother's essays about feminism and identity are still relevant to Millennials?

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Miss King wrote lacerating books and essays about feminism, the modern world and life in the South.

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and contributed important essays about feminism and literature

Indeed, Graves is on a roll. She’s moved to Brooklyn, regularly writes essays about feminism for outlets such as Rookie and The Hairpin, started her own record label (called Honor Press), released solo material for a split 7 ˝with friend Kevin Devine, and is working on a book of photos from Perfect Pussy’s first year on the road.

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Christina was also well known for her blog, , where she wrote about her experiences as a professional domme, as well as essays about feminism, fetish, and sexuality. As a self-proclaimed fetish coach, Christina began to work closely with couples and men who needed advice and guidance on living a fetish lifestyle. Her podcast, Date With a Fetish Coach, received over 100,000 downloads and hundreds of subscribers!
Bushra Rehman, is a collection of personal essays about feminism by young women of color.

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What a remarkably beautiful, bullshit-free passage this is! And all the more so for appearing before the mud at Woodstock had dried. But, as David Ulin wrote, on this page, in 2012, "Willis was smart enough to get out of the rock writing business when the getting was good." What followed, over the course of four decades, were essays about feminism, radicalism, Judaism, child-rearing, AIDs, drugs, pornography, radical politics, terrorism, and Freud, among not a few other subjects—and they, too, were well-reasoned, beautifully written, and right. "The Essential" brings us right up to 2006, the year of Willis's death—one of the very last pieces is a three-pronged eulogy for Susan Sontag—and ends with selections from her final, unfinished book, which she had tentatively titled "The Cultural Unconscious in American Politics." Edited by her daughter, Nona Willis Aronowitz, and framed with appreciations by Ann Friedman, Spencer Ackerman, and others, it presents the full sweep, in 500 pages, of Willis's well-spent, well-argued life as a critic.

It was a series of short essays about feminism and being a woman and whatnot

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"Before becoming writer" Shueisha, 1991 -- Essays about feminism.

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