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Which leads me onto the next point. As I said above, listing multiple responses doesn't earn you any marks! Think of it like this, we mark the deepest argument you give. So every time you give up on a line of argument and go back to the beginning, you're not adding to the mark, you're effectively resetting it. So if you gave a response to the Survival Lottery, and then listed a few other responses to utilitarianism ( to the Survival Lottery response), tough titty - you just get marked on the Survival Lottery objection and the response you gave to it. The rest is superfluous and doesn't demonstrate any further philosophical evaluation (there's that word again!). This rule isn't that hard and fast. For instance, if the rejoinder you give has two obvious flaws but you've got some cunning way to get around both of them, far better to explain why these flaws don't work as opposed to really concentrating on only one flaw. Alack, at this stage, only experience will tell you how deep you need to go - but then if you get to that stage it's all pucker as far as I'm concerned anyway. If you're reaching that depth of argument, these essay writing guidelines will have already done their work.

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