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"Essay on Song-Writing; with a Selection of such English Songs as are most eminent for poetical merit. By John Aiken. A new edition, with Additions and Corrections, and a Supplement by R. H. Evans." London, 1810.

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with Historical and Critical Notices, and an Essay on the Song-Writers of Scotland." By Alex. Whitelaw. 1843. [Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, 1855.]

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Someone already made the comment before me, but could I respectfully ask how to connect with tip sheets or requests for songs? Is TAXI legitimate? Is there any other forum or site I could be connected to? I have had songs picked up by some national groups, just one or two, connected with an introduction from a band member, but beyond that most listing in Song Marketplace seem like I’d be just adding to a huge slush pile or they seem like tiny outfits publishing two songs a year. Thanks for any advice – I thought the essay on song submission sounded right on the money – and I’d love to send you a demo or two – you still want to hear holiday songs? I have some good ones, up beat, humorous and in tune with the season. And lots of other stuff that local performers (in NYC) sometimes take from me and add to their set, but my stuff could fit in a larger format than just that. Thanks – Kevin Kane Bronx, NY

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both in the Tin Pan Alley era and by the Beatles) that now obliges me to justify my own. A further long essay on song is to be found in the entry I.

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from Antiquarians to Musicologists. Possible Readings: —John Aikin, “Essay on Song-Writing,” in Vocal Poetry: A Select Collection of English Songs; access.

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