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This study is a follow-up on previous studies the author, collaborators and other researchers in Taiwan (Liou, 1993a, 1993b; Warden & Chen, 1995) have conducted on the impact of computer generated error feedback on Taiwan EFL writing students. Specifically, the differences between males and females using the same software and receiving the same type of feedback in a business English writing class. Simultaneously, this study demonstrates the ease with which computers can be integrated into the writing class and how that integration can play a role in helping a teacher achieve a deeper understanding of his/her students' progress.

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English writing class is consists of a total of 15 chapters and the learning period will be 6 months. Students who are looking to upgrade/improve their writing skills are highly recommend to take this class.

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is a book that investigates the uses of the Internet and other educational technologies in four language and writing classes: an undergraduate English as a second language (ESL) writing class at a small Christian college, a graduate ESL writing class at a large university, an undergraduate intensive Hawai'ian language class at the same university, and an English writing class at a community college.

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