English Placement Test Preparation

The English Placement Test (EPT) assesses your level of ability in reading and writing. You may take the EPT only once. Unless exempt, all new undergraduate students must take the EPT prior to enrollment at CSU, Chico. (See list of exemptions in Test Office.) Your EPT score is used to determine if you are ready to enroll directly in the GE course, English 130, or need to take the additional English 30 workshop.

One of the weaknesses of other online English Placement Tests…

How do teachers use English Placement Tests?

One of the weaknesses of other online English Placement Tests…

In order to help you, many English placement tests are available and today we are going to mention one. This English placement test will give you an idea on what your level is and where to start studying.

How do teachers use English Placement Tests?

How important are English Placement tests?
The results of these tests are important. They help determine whether a student can start taking college-level English courses, or if it necessary to first take Developmental English courses or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Some of these courses do not count toward graduation credit. The results can affect how quickly a student completes their studies at Oakton.

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Most tests are fairly similar in the areas they cover and the questions they ask. Typical English placement test practice might include proper construction of a sentence, reading comprehension, and the correct use of nouns, verbs, and other basic grammar.The UW English Placement Test (EPT) consists of three subtests. These subtests are English Usage, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension. The entire English Placement Test is designed to be completed in 90 minutes, which requires an average of approximately 30 seconds per test item. This is sufficient time for most students to complete the test.The California State University (CSU) requires you to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam prior to enrollment in the CSU. Your scores will determine which Math and English courses you should take to begin your career at CSU. You may be exempt from taking the EPT or ELM based on your scores earned on other appropriate tests such as the CSU's Early Assessment Program (EAP) tests in English and Mathematics, the SAT®, ACT®, or Advanced Placement® (AP). This site will determine if you are exempt as part of the registration process. For more information about the EPT and ELM click on the EPT/ELM Information Bulletin link below.In order to ensure that new students are ready to enroll in college-level English, the CSU has developed the English Placement Test (EPT). This test has been designed for high school seniors who have not met the by any other means. If you have not met this requirement, you must take the EPT test before you can register for classes at the CSU.
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What are the components of VIU's English Placement Test?

Test assessment can take up to three weeks. Please plan accordingly for registration purposes. After students complete the English Placement Test, faculty in the English Department will evaluate the test. Students will be contacted when placement has been determined. Placement into any of the following courses is possible, dependent upon on students' writing skills:

English 112 - Composition for Multilingual Students
English 100 - Fundamentals of English Composition
English 101 - College Composition: Exposition and Argument
English 201 - College Composition: Analysis/Research/Documentation (required of all EWU students to graduate)

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Our English Placement Test fee is $30. The fee may be paid in our Accounting Office with cash, credit card, or money order. It is recommended that you complete payment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Payment of the English Placement test fee is required for each test that is taken.

The UW English Placement Test (EPT) consists of three subtests

English placement test practice is given in all 50 states. Each state has their own specific tests and within each state, there are various versions with different English test questions. Universities may have their own English practice test and so may high schools or even some employers that require excellent English to perform the job.