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One of the things many instructors demand when it comes to economics research paper topics is originality. Originality, however, is harder to come by than one might expect in academia. There are thousands, if not millions (if not billions!) of pages written about every conceivable topic every year, and that number is only growing. So how can a student be sure that their research paper topic is original? There are a few strategies that can help.

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Here are some topic ideas that you can use for your economics research paper:

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The best annotated bibliographies are those written by students who have read the literature critically. See my page on for more information on strategies for how to read economics research papers. Even if an annotated bibliography is not assigned as part of your research project, it is a useful exercise for you to engage in, especially if you have to present your research orally or using a poster. If you are unable to write an annotated bibliography, then you are probably writing a poor review of the literature on your subject and a less than satisfactory research paper.

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Organizations counts very much in writing an economics research paper. Your main ideas should be obvious through your choice of words. Your choice of words should not make your ideas ambiguous to your readers. To write an effective economics paper, your readers should be able to determine the meaning upon the first reading. Keep in mind that if your research paper does not achieve clarity, your readers will find it difficult to determine your purpose.This section is often titled "Results" in economic research papers, as it reports the results from your regression analysis above. There are commonly-used templates for reporting regression results. The best way to familiarize yourself with these templates is from the papers you cite in your literature review. You will see that it is common to report multiple regressions in one table, with the explanatory variables listed vertically on the left. See my page on for more details. This is what you have studied in most of your other economics classes. For example, what happens to the price of housing when the population increases? Using demand-supply model, we know that an increase in population leads to an increase in the demand for housing, increasing the equilibrium price. In reading economics research papers, the economic model is often not identified because it is assumed the reader (economic researchers) are familiar with the underlying model. However, to the novice researcher, the model may not be obvious, so it is important to outline the model and include it in your research paper.
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When tasked with writing an economics research paper, the place to start is with a good outline. Before you can outline your proposed paper, however, you have to decide what you’re going to write about. To do that, you need to formulate a question that you plan to answer with your research.

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These are just a few great ideas to help inspire you to write a great Economics research paper. Take these and consider them from different angles to ensure you are taking a fresh perspective on whichever topic you choose.

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