Exceptionally, the Doctoral Studies Commission may subject the Doctoral Theses submitted to a prior evaluation process. To this end, this process will consist of seeking assessment reports from two expert Doctors in the fields of knowledge about which the theses deal. The two experts selected will belong to Universities or Research Centers, either Spanish or in other countries, that do not form part of the university Establishments responsible for the Doctoral Program within which the research phase is carried out.

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The writing of and defense of the Doctoral Thesis will need to satisfy the following criteria:

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The Doctoral Studies Commission will undertake to send to the General Administration Office of the Council of Universities the necessary information so that the data concerning Doctoral Theses read is collected in the database TESEO via the computer application set up for this purpose.

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Those in charge of this Library will periodically send a statement of the theses received to the Vice Principal's Office for Graduate Studies and Research, which will validate the said list for purposes of compliance with the legal provision concerning the safe filing of Doctoral Theses on the part of the Doctoral Studies Commission concerned.

The doctoral thesis is an original piece of research that should prepare the student for independent work in the R&D and Innovation sector.
Whereas the student takes one term to write a term paper and perhaps one year to write a master's thesis, the doctoral candidate may spend several years writing a doctoral thesis. These years must be highly productive and efficient in both research and writing; one must not procrastinate at all. The candidate who does not proceed efficiently may have difficulty completing the doctoral thesis before its statute of limitations runs out. A thesis director leaving the University should state in writing whether he or she wishes to continue to direct doctoral theses already in progress. Even after leaving the University, faculty member is ordinarily expected to continue directing theses until their completion. But if the departing faculty member declines to continue the thesis direction, the student will be given every assistance in finding a new director.In most universities, candidates must defend their doctoral theses in front of a panel of experts. Therefore, although the candidate should choose an original, manageably narrow topic, he or she must learn everything available about that topic's general area. Moreover, the candidate must be able to recall that information. The student should make careful notes of all research and review those notes from time to time, lest he or she forget the material during the writing process. The candidate should be aware that a writing project that takes several years and fills several hundred pages can overwhelm the brain at the last minute before defense; therefore, the candidate should review the information steadily throughout the years of the development of the thesis.When your proposal is approved by the committee you can confidently start research proper on the identified topic. Actually, lot of work is already done and if you have started everything methodically by now. You will have a well formulated , a research and thesis plan and a tentative methodology reviewed and approved by the doctoral thesis committee.
In order to be eligible for a DS Grant for publishing your doctoral thesis, a grant application has to meet the following conditions:

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The goal of any dissertation is to say something new and worthwhile on a topic within the candidate's field of study. The chosen topic should interest the candidate greatly, because doctoral theses often create a professional trajectory for their writers that only a complete career change will alter. By selecting a doctoral topic, the candidate decides to become an expert on that topic and agrees to defend his or her thoughts against the thoughts of any other scholar in the field.