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These systems involve a rich interaction of the agents,tools, motives, and objects, shaped by different perspectives of students,administrators, advisors, committee members, employers, and publishers ofacademic journals, perspectives constituted by different discourses (Gee,1996). These perspectives, as Engeström (1999) notes, are "rooted in differentcommunities and practices that continue to coexist within one and the samecollective activity system" (p. 382). The concept of perspectives "serves as ahedge against simplified views of context that ignore the unsettled andconflicted relations between different positions and actors" (p. 382). Thisraises the question for Engeström as to whether participants can share the sameperspective of objects or motives in the same system when these participantsmay be aligned to different, competing systems. While administrators oradvisors may have one perspective on the object of dissertation writing,students may have quite a different perspective given their alignment tospecific advisors, their employment, or the job market.

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In summary, students seeking positions at researchuniversities were able to build on their dissertation experience to constructnew activities and roles in which they began to participate in transitionalevents as future researchers. However, for students seeking position atuniversities or community colleges in which teaching was a priority, they hadmore difficulty conceiving of their dissertation writing as preparing them fortheir future roles as teachers. These students expressed frustrations withdepartmental/advisor expectations that they were writing their dissertation fora market they were not seeking. This contradiction reflects differences inhigher education systems' competing motives and objects relative to valuingresearch and teaching. This suggests the need for students to align theirmotives for writing the dissertation with the motives of the higher educationsystem in which they want to work. It also suggests the need for graduateschools and departments to provide these students with transitional activitiessuch as teaching internships similar to those conference/publication activitiesprovided to students focusing on research.

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